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  1. Server Crash

    cant log ;/
  2. Dragon scales

    good idea i think
  3. I got ban 4 years ago

    ah ok, 'll stay on the Rathgarius
  4. I got ban 4 years ago

    Hello everyone, i have question for you, about whether I could ask for unban my old char? with the request to turn Entropy Thx for favorable consideration, and sorry for a problem char nick Rathgar
  5. ban

    so i'm play now honestly, so unban on Rathgar will not be?
  6. ban

    hmm i understand this i have perm, yes???
  7. ban

    HI, i think that today is good day for my unban, i very sorry, and promise that never againe this make. Can I have unban?? and be over 90 days since my ban.
  8. ban

    OK, I will wait for my unban calmly and very sorry for my spam
  9. ban

    Hello, my birthdays are today, would was was like to find out or I can calculate on small present from You, I would want very to get unban, I will be happy from this very, and I hope that this will not cause You no problem, and I promise that I more will not allow bad act.
  10. ban

    OK, so what I can make in order to time underwent shortening why you will not say that this perm?? lol because for me what undefined time this perm?? how this will be yet long lasted, if about then it walks you I was guilty this, I admit, but human is forgive with thing...
  11. ban

    and i have question, i have old rules bans or new rules bans?? beacuse old rules ban was 1 month, and in new rules ban 2 months, please wrote back
  12. ban

    I got on old principles ban (1 month) so it will be well also how would get theses on old, and you beyond this Ais wrote me from next automatic ban + 1 month public meeting how they would not tell already this he passed, I ask you about unban, I was polite I did not inflict problems, I deserved on this punishment, it regrets this, and I apologize very! please
  13. ban

    express to Aislinn, not to you this....
  14. ban

    Hello, u know and u give me ban about 2 month ago, really sorry for break rules. I will never do it again. Can You unban my character please.
  15. ban

    I very sorry, that I deceived, I promise that already not will did so I please you about unban only