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  1. Raising caps

    To those whom this concerns, Let me start out with saying that I am a PK server player, one of the handful that are active every single day. In these three years on PK server i've come to respect and enjoy the balance and challenge that comes with having our a/d capped to 100/100. I know I can't speak for all of us regulars. So I will be sending them here to put forth their own opinions, and hopefully we can fairly decide based on the CURRENT community, not the community that voted almost four years past now in the last poll to raise the caps. (poll redundant for such a small community imo, though i can do a new one if needed). So all in all, I personally vote no to raising the cap, through and through, for even after 3 years I find myself challenged every day and find enjoyment in making gains in other aspects of the game, not simply killing stronger monsters, (which a few of us can manage quite efficiently, it just takes some knowledge and creativity). Anyways, thank you for reading, and those players who are active on PK post how you feel. - Valdr/Santouryu from PK server
  2. Night-side moderator for USA timezone

    Yeah i've noticed radu is on till around ~7 pm PST. But still there' a gap that should be filled. If i remember correctly, you were there when ezhoezareze was bypassing mutes/bans etc and spamming ch 6 with out of control and unwarranted flames. People think they can get away with things like that, and they can in some cases.
  3. Hello everyone, Over the past several months, I have noticed that there are little to no mods online during American night hours. Because i work during the day, i nearly always play anywhere from 8 pm PST to 12-2 am PST. During these hours (for me anyways, i know it will differ for those in other US timezones), I've ran into a couple problems that weren't solved due to lack of moderator assistance. Several times I have used the command #help_me and have received no response. I propose that there be a new moderator who has more availability during the nighttime US hours than the current American mods. Here is evidence of a #help_me that I sent ‎Sunday, ‎August ‎17, ‎2014, ‏‎9:42:08 PM that unfortunately had no mod to go to. ‎ http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg594/Omikiruk/elscreen550.png The screen basically says it all, I think it would be beneficial to make this change. What does everyone else think? -Valdr Edit: I was told by two separate people that the blocking with those characters in AA is legal. But that makes me laugh, who doesn't see a problem with this?
  4. Buy Titanium Longs

    nobody, and i mean NOBODY, mixes titanium longs. that is a fact. if you do mix ti longs you are insane. The price is based solely on drops from dragons which all drop ti longs afaik, and on stockpiles that people have in their storages acquired through the years. If there is anyone who has paid more than 5-8k for a ti long recently let me know but till then im not changing my price
  5. Buy Titanium Longs

  6. Halloween horror story writing contest!

    Soooooo, what is even going on with this?
  7. A request

    Thank you so much Aislinn! Means a lot to me
  8. Get rid of rule #5?

    This agreed
  9. Halloween horror story writing contest!

    Well 653 words. Forgive me for my sin Hope you enjoy. Untitled currently. Emily looked back over her shoulder to the entrance of the cave. The first few meters were softly lit by the starlight brightly shining in the sky. Turning once more to look deeper into the cave, she saw nothing but blackness. This place had haunted her dreams for years, but she did not have the courage to enter before. Tales of those perishing within it's depths were plenty, and non-existent were tales of coming out safely. Lighting her torch, she continued on deeper and deeper. A short time later, she came upon an opening to a tunnel that sloped down into darkness. Taking a deep breath, she went a few meters into the tunnel. A grinding and clanking sound alerted her to danger, she spun quickly just in time to see a thick iron portcullis drop down over the opening leading back the way she came. The way back was sealed with no hope of returning. As she started back down the tunnel, torches sparked to life along the walls at regular intervals. Emily began to become very afraid; cold sweat beaded her forehead and chills ran up her spine. She began to hear indistinct whispers that seemed to follow her as she progressed downward. Dread filled her, she broke into a run delving ever deeper into the tunnel. The whispers followed her the whole way, spurring her to an even greater speed. Suddenly, the ground seemed to disappear beneath her and she tumbled down a chute that was disguised by a trapdoor she had triggered. Finally, she hit the bottom onto a surprisingly soft surface. Quickly gathering her wits, she noticed she was in a cavern lit by a soft green glow and as she glanced around to her horror she realized she had fallen on a mound of bodies. "HELP! Is anyone there?" She whimpered. A scuttling sound drew her gaze upward; there looming above her on a gigantic web was the most terrifying creature she had ever seen. It had the body of a spider and the head of a human male, it's red eyes like pits of hellfire. Gazing into those eyes she knew her folly of coming to this place. Emily scrambled backward, trying to get as far away from the grotesque thing as possible. As she turned, eyes frantically searching for a way out, the creature materialized in front of her. "Welcome, I am Razkadoth" he said in a voice devoid of all emotion. "Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me" she cried helplessly. "You have entered my chambers, and you will never leave" Razkadoth said as her caressed her face with a foreleg. "Such a shame" he mused "You are so very beautiful". "PLEASE! I'll do anything! Don't kill me" Emily cried. A blackness descended upon her, her thoughts swirled as she succumbed to the power of Razkadoth. And her last thoughts were of overwhelming regret at her foolishness... *** Her eyes shot open, she realized her body was paralyzed laying upon Razkadoth's web. Whimpering, she struggled with all her strength to move her head to look around but her efforts were futile and she was left staring at the ceiling. A familiar scuttling sound told her that Razkadoth was quickly approaching. Those terrible red eyes entered her field of vision, terror enveloped her as he peered into her face. "Ahhh excellent you're awake finally, I had almost begun to think the transformation would kill you" he said. "Transformation?" Emily asked, tears in her eyes dreading the answer. "Have a look for yourself" He told her wickedly, as the ceiling turned glassy and reflective. What she saw froze the blood in her veins; the only part of her that she recognized was her beautiful face staring back at her. Replacing the rest of her body was the torso and legs of a giant spider. "You will spend the rest of eternity as my bride, love"
  10. A request

    Thanks for considering it Aislinn, I appreciate it
  11. A request

    For 4 years now I've kept my record clean and have played following all rules (well, apart from a couple mutes for foul language ). http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50704 As you can see in the above topic, I was restricted from having alts. I'd like to have just 1 alt (undecided when I will make/what the name will be). I've learned my lesson about the issue that's for sure, and am happy with playing the game by the rules. I understand the consequences of rule breaking, and have no wish to ever deal with them again. So I would appreciate it if I would be allowed this. Thanks! Valdr is my in-game name now btw
  12. 60k Iron Ore

    all SOLD.
  13. Quote of the week submissions

    [ME_OW @ 3]: Selling JS of man nulification pm me lol