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  1. Are you an EL oldbie?

    eek i know i been here more than 4 yrs now coz i was 60-70's a/d when you started lol ... but i'm on my 3rd char now and dont play to much so am an oldbie on a newbie char lol
  2. Best PK music?

    meshuggah - rational gaze this song just seems to send everything crazy when played at max also anything by tool and in flames usualy when more chilled out tho edit: anything by meshuggah usualy does the trick tho
  3. The Greatest EL Player

    i gotta say donpedro is the legend of el but then alot of others come close behind like blackcomplex who taught me so much about el shame he quit aswell scarr still holds title as pure ebul pker. but then i guess i cant start naming every1 here either
  4. Swearing in forum and game

    i just read 1 of the most pointless topics ever oh well i may aswell post... as far as swearing goes yea there is a place and a time for it ..like i'm not gonna go to an interview and turn round "so whats the fucking job involve?" yet i also dont believe that everyone needs to be all proper in thier speach now.. geez if some guy was walking round where i live speaking in an overly posh english accent no swear words nothing.. he'd probaly get beat shitless for the fun of it by aload of twats to say the least ... as for el i do try and minimize the amount i swear abit as i know kids do play but to me i sit and chill out on el and for the record i'm probaly going to swear without realising as i type how i speak to a point, if people want to judge me as a person on a whole from this then they can go fuck themselfs as they dont know me at all but i guess some people seem to catagorize shit to much.
  5. Pre RC 7

    Video card: RADEON 9200SE DDR x86/SSE2 Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 1.3.1050 WinXP Release driver version: Gigabyte radeon 9200se series i've tried the omega radeon drivers before several times and always seem to have more problems with them. edit: el_pre_rc_26_02_07.exe crashes el_pre_rc_26_02_07_no_vertex_programs.exe loads but with most textures flickering
  6. Dekke aka Macca

    just so every1 knows this isnt me ... i sold that char a while back. i only play main server now
  7. Spawn etiquette

    the way i look at it is respect the other ppl training at your lvl, 1 day they may save your db. i guess if your a dick to them they get rights to just pick the nice bag up off teh ground as for giving up a spwn after 30 mins .. seems like thats never going to happen .. average time for most ppl using 30 srs per training session is an hour so have fun sitting waiting .. unless they share as for some1 waking up to claim a spwn from afk this is annoying and has happened to me a few times when i got a spot at 3x ogre ..just pissed me off and done me a favour in the long run as most 2x are empty now so i've lvled quicker than sharing
  8. The big trade!

  9. The big trade!

    guess i'll trade 4 argu pants for the saphs? edit: was a second to late so 200 silv ore for the 20 diamonds:P
  10. Where Have The Rost's Gone ?

    i can go against that ..... been playing to long and struggeled for gc so long yet within the last 2 months i've gained more gc than ever before in el without the use of shop also if i remember correctly when rostos 1st came in they were rare as the idea was not everybody would have them and thats how it was for quite some time. as far as i can see maybe it would be an idea just to pk with diss/tele in cheaper armor than having to show off with flashy therms/other magic weps and full dragon set, even tho i can understand fully how it makes it easier with that sort of set up. but from experience i seem to as good as most players that use col with only 90 life not sure why tho
  11. The Naralik Arena Showdown 3

    oh lol kk then i'm still in
  12. The Naralik Arena Showdown 3

    i'm gonna need to drop out sorry guys off out tonight friends b-day
  13. jamol

    no need to worry about this much ... the only new players would realy fall for it and most of them cant tele to range tbh so a pretty flawed plan on jamols part. also this sounds like the noobs of pkg setting this up ... as the pros would realise the same problem with it edit: typos
  14. PKING Strategy...

    another tip would be try out different stratagies with your spellbar layout a good way to test this it to fight a monster above your lvl (handy if that is bears as you can test magic immune properly aswell)
  15. Help

    get latest patch update your drivers with windows update then turn vertex buffer and compile vertex arrays off wont stop it happening but will stop it happening as much. i've had this problem abit aswell seems to happen with older ati cards alot. heres a link to get latest driver ATI driver our gonna need to go through list tho to find the right driver for your pc .. if you need help pm me in game. click here