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  1. Unolas' Crown

    Yay, lol i wonder what the crown is tho.....
  2. Bards Contest!

    first is : nice green cloak second is: nice hat third is: nice belt buckle
  3. Thanks herculese!

    rofl.....WoW fan? lol
  4. Thanks herculese!

    lol ty all for your comments =),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(for those of you that don't know this is herc )
  5. Adopt a newbie program started

    =o wow lot of stuff being donated, i wonder if this is still going on?
  6. Thanks herculese!

    Ty zakil and kadlub for the link =), yes i do check forums =), and ty all for all your comments =D
  7. char locked on 5 different char at once

    Yes i understand thyralax, if i were to have one char un locked it would be ghostofdk, but for now, lets see how i do with this char first =)
  8. char locked on 5 different char at once

    Yes, thryralax has it right, =), the first three i was trading silver between them to make some health essences, the second two i was drop trading blue quartz to make some srs. I am fully responsible with what i did, and know it is very wrong, please excuse my bad behavior, it will never happen again. ty =)
  9. char locked on 5 different char at once

    My 5 characters (dwarfking,mastercrafter,proteusmax,ghostofdk,and kingofman) were all banned for some of them trading between characters,(tho i am very srry, and didn't know it was against the rules, i swear it will never happen again), and the others, ghostofdk and kingofman, were char locked for being on at the same time,(now i no that its Very wrong, i have learned my lesson and wont ever do it again. I am very srry for all the truoble i have caused you, and i wont ever break the rules again, once again srry for everything.