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  1. Expiring bots

    I don't know when she is due but Bot Auriana paid Receipt number: 98576976PW214843C
  2. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    Bot Auriana Paid . Your transaction ID for this payment is: 3PD765576M2667523.
  3. KF Clash

    I'm in.
  4. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Bot Auriana paid Feb 14, 2014
  5. Stuck up MAD guild

    Very funny to hear that from someone that was not sharing casty drops some time ago: http://www.eternal-l...showtopic=57254 Seems you have me confused with Calsonic. I personaly never bj'ed anyone or anything, i was in the guild but only serped and pked. which has nothing to do with cherut or MAD. As far as the casty goes, ppl have their tight knit groups and often wont let anyone help. and doing them with newhope, mufossa, and violater.. i can see why but still, if someone helps, they should get a split. as long as they didn't maliciously try to get ppl killed.
  6. Stuck up MAD guild

    Hmm. this reminds me when they cried because we took all the MB's in invance. After certain ppl decided to rip certain others off doing the same thing. TVman, we are just not allowed to play how we want to play. Everyone else can though. If he didn't cause anyones death, and didn't charge you for the stuff he used on the giants then he deserved a share. He did you help you kill it after all. Greedy ... geesh.
  7. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Although she isnt on the list, Auriana paid for Transaction ID #10H62667RM591450Y) Owner Jade in game.
  8. To: PKG From : olenthered

    GG indeed. A bit self righteous for being a scammer. Yes might be trying to get us back for bjing but at least we havent scammed anyone. And we got one more person to break the beloved "community rules" . Doesnt matter who you did it to, you still did it Many times i was cheated out of shares on MB's in invances so us bjing invances was the same thing. Payback in my eyes. So nothing should be wrong with that either if we go by your statement Edit: Better add that even though certain ppl do deserve it, PkG agreed to not bj the mb's in invances any more. Only as a curtesy to radu.
  9. To: PKG From : olenthered

    I told you i would mule for you but it has to be something worthy of a bj. not toads ffs And Vanyel. Yes we should.
  10. To: PKG From : olenthered

    LOL @ community rules. and you didnt leave. You were booted
  11. Server wont connect

    Yes comcast. Got on grued and couldnt connect again so i dont advise doing anything dangerous for a while.
  12. Server wont connect

    I am having the same problem. Won't connect to server. Worked fine last night but when i tried to log on today it won't let me. It stops responding, and i have been having problems with the client crashing.
  13. CalsoniC

    First of all, leave other guilds out of this. It was PkG alone. We have our friends who we won't bj serp etc. So leave ~H~ out of it. seriously. They have nothing to do with any of it. I had no plans of bj'ing that casty which is why i asked for rangers. When the guild decided to do it, i didnt ask for anyone. Neither did they. As for acting like a bad ass, i never claimed to be. At least i back up my words with actions. No one has denied taking the drop. And it wont be the last. And the reason we arent banned from your bot is because we were KO'd DUH! But thanks for the laughs.
  14. CalsoniC

    Ateh you forgot to mention "honorable" . Thought for sure i would have seen someone say at the least that we were not honorable. And i think all of us have certain true friends who will be safe and always have our backs as well. Mufossa has been saying stuff in 6 letting all of you know about PkG. And you can always do #guild_info PkG. But instead ppl laughed it off. Keep laughing my friends. It has only just begun. A new meaning to Wizzy's phrase, The moon is turning red.
  15. CalsoniC

    I think you missed the point of this topic.Oh and i'm sure that what goes around comes around .. just wait a bit Many times i have helped ppl with castys, mb's, dragons,etc in invasions and invances, and didn't get a fair share. Many times not a share at all. Which is a big reason for my game play style changing. Tanks take the drops and only share who they feel like sharing with. _death_ , me_ow , and a lot of others can attest to that. So yes, what goes around comes around.