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  1. Working With Cooldown

    well the radation damage is quite painful even for a high level person. I take 50 damage, and I've seen a couple newbs die right in front of me. So I return their stuff and warn them about it. I've only noticed it on silver and titanium so far, wasn't sure if it's on all items, or just some that newbs shouldn't touch right away.
  2. New harvest events

    so what if you're HP are under it?? For beginners, do they die? Or do they get hit less? I have 85 hp, and i keep about 10-20 he's with me now just in case
  3. Cooldown log

    I like it. I'll write my pros and cons so far. I make FE's and WE's a lot, so it doesn't bother me much. Now I just started fighting a lot, and I use HE's sometimes, but because I fight monsters at the levels I'm suppose to fight them at, I don't use too many. I do carry more BR's now because I can't always use SR's fast enough to cast Restoration, so a BR is more helpful now. I do agree about the potion of feasting. I made about 200 of them recently to see if they would help more. I also cook meat more because it's only 25 seconds to regenerate, and it restores 25 food. So summoning for me is now out the window because I was going to summon, but now it's used for food. Also summoning is going to be slow as I can see it. 2-5 summons before you have to use 1 SR. I think I will almost stop summoning and just do it sometimes. The LE will become less meaningful if less summon. Good point FOX about the power hungry. Every time I'm about to get a Negative perk, a reason for me NOT to comes up. That is all i have seen so far, I'll keep posting if I see more stuff effecting me good or bad. Thanks for this thread entropy.
  4. Screenshots submissions for website

    I didn't take many glamore shots of myself. I wanted to show the beauty of the game. I hope I captured some in about the 20 minutes that I did these. I wanted to get a great shot of the reflections in the water, but I couldn't find any spots. If I get a good one, I'll post it. Bear Fighting Walking on bridge City view By the fire In the mines Burning Puma Fighting Skeleton Mouth View 1 Skeleton Mouth View 2 First time seeing unicorn (not a good shot but I had to take it quick!
  5. Items cooldown test

    Wasn't sure if this is a bug, when I was just STANDING there, not fighting at all, I clicked on a damage ring, it didn't use it, bu did start the cooldown. Then it said it couldn't be used outside of a battle like normal. Wasn't sure if that was a bug or not. In battle it seemed fine
  6. The latest invasion

    Definately section off the fighting more. I'd say somthing like, rats to lets say deer in one spot. Then gobs to trolls or somethign like that in another spot. Then Cycs etc etc etc.. you get the point. I can take multiple trolls, but I cant even touch cycs yet, so I kinda suck still, but there is no in between for me, so I ether kick booty, or die REALLLLLLY fast . I also wish that if we didnt change the way it is, at least make all fights able to multi fight for a temporary thing or something like that. I can HELP take chims on if i can multi fight, but not solo. Make it more of a team effort cause some can do it all alone, while others have to rely on eachter to help out. Thats my 2.3434 cents. Of course everone wants to WIN, so make it fair, but let us get our booties kicked still
  7. Banned from Newbie Channel?

    Thank you sooooooooo much, even after playing for 8 months or so, I still find myself asking questions, so thanks a TON, I'll pm the message tonight. *evil laugh*
  8. Leather

    Try this Fix This should fix it. I had the same problem last night, and I did LORD_VERMOR's walkthrough and it harvested the flower, but instead of showing up in my inventory it shows up in pocket (so it just says that you put the flower in your pocket).. Now go to Kelcha and it's fixed.
  9. Banned from Newbie Channel?

    After taking a break from EL a while back, I came back onto the game only to find out that I was banned from #jc 1. I was curious if anyone knew why? I have no where to ask my newbish questions! Can someone please verify why I was banned. Was this an accident? Or could you please unban me. Thanks
  10. Weird timings

    Deal with it , i still think it's the best game I've played in years! OH man i got some brown stuff on my nose after that comment
  11. Buying Fur Clothes :D

    I tried many things to get it to be made, but couldn't figure it out. I'll bet I was so close to getting it. ALways seems like that . Please pm us if you can get it, or everyone keep trying at least .. I"ll be in the newbie channel if anyone gets it.
  12. selling armour

    Don't think you can anymore at all.