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  1. No music only sound effects

    Oh you are right Sir Odie! This is rather embarrassing I have placed them under EL/contents/ It should have been EL/contents/resources/data Thank you for the tip!
  2. No music only sound effects

    Hi, I'm running EL on a MacBook Pro with OS Lion. The music and sound effect files have been downloaded but I can only hear the sound effects, not the music. I use to play EL on OS 10.6 and I can hear both music and sound, has it something to do with my OS? Any help will be appreciated
  3. Att & Def Level's Difference

    Thanks for the advice guys I restarted awhile back and is currently following Korrode's guide. Nathanstenzel, my in game name is anixos. Training on Female Orcs atm.
  4. Att & Def Level's Difference

    Hi, Currently my char is at Att 45, Def 53 and he follows Aluwen. May I know if the Att and Def difference is too much and if so, how will it affect my char? Many thanks
  5. Spooky goings on

    The Portland Miners' Song Ting, ting, ting! Your bags are filled with ores. Woe, woe, woe! The Grue took your guildies. Run, run, run! Skellies are after your belly. Up, up, up! The ladder you must go. Hey, hey, hey! You thought you saw a friend. No, no, no! Its the phantom you bantam. Slash, slash, slash! You are rained with pain, slice, slice, slice! Till your spleen is seen. Woo, woo, woo! Straight to Vias you go!
  6. Restarting

    thanks for the answers, you have been a great help
  7. Restarting

    hey all, i have a few questions about restarting a character: (Im aiming to be a fighter btw) • Lets say i restarted my char after being able to defeat fluffies and got my NMT cloak. How difficult is it to get back to the same OA levels? With low HP and high A/D, which creatures should i train on first? • Are there inorganic nexus removals? If so how expensive are they? • Hydro bars can be traded for nexus right? How much is one? getting huge amount of GCs has always been a problem for me, therefore im pondering how wise is it to restart... or maybe i should just stick to my char and enjoy the game. thanks in advance for the advice
  8. Food when manufacturing

    may i know what are the recommended ways to maintain your food level while manufacturing essences? currently im using Feasting pots but i find them too costly and fruit's cool down timing takes too long...
  9. Silver & Titanium Ores

    • 4k Silver Ores: 2.2gc each SOLD • 10k Titanium Ores: 2.2gc each SOLD
  10. Questions regarding Invasions

    thanks for the swift answers!
  11. Questions regarding Invasions

    ello, i have a few questions regarding invasions which i hope you guys can help me with. • Does the MM cloak/perk work during invasions? • If the invasion happens at a non-multi or non-PK maps (e.g WS), will it change and enable multi or PK? • Which invasion will be more suitable for a first timer and also what are the recommended stats to face the invaders? Or rather, what kind of creatures will the easiest invasion bring? thanks!