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  1. Auctioning scythe

  2. Auctioning scythe

  3. Mountain Instence Not Working Right

    Ok, i found the data folder, and put the files there. Tyvm didnt check there, didnt even know EL had files there.
  4. Mountain Instence Not Working Right

    The maps are in C:\Eternal Lands\main\maps. and the file name for the instence is instence_mountain perhaps its incorrect file? also i'm on windows if that has any signficance.
  5. Mountain Instence Not Working Right

    I downloaded the non-corrupted 80-100 instence, and for some reason, i'm loading up the corrupted one everytime i go in. I have the correct one in the maps section, unzipped. Once i load on the instence i get to a certain point, and fall through the map. Pls if somebody can help id appreciate it.
  6. Auctioning scythe

  7. Storage Sale (mostly books)

    Books: 2 Book of Humans Fighting 2.5kgc 1 Book of Titanium Molding 1 Ring of Damage Building 1 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 8 Titanium Short Construction 1 Book of Steel long sword of magic 2 Book of Botanics 1 Book of Axe Construction 2 Moon Medallion Building 5 Book of Bear Summoning 1 Book of Titanium Mining 6 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 1 Desert Pines Ring Building 5 Book of Iron Axe Construction 2 Book of Steel Axe Construction 6 Isla Prima Ring Building 6 Book of Titanium Smelting 3 Book of Potion of Feasting 1 Disengagement Ring Building 8 Book of Potion of Physique 8 Book of Potion of Summoning 2 Steel Shield Construction 1 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 Book of Iron Broad sword of fire Essences: 1 Enriched Fire Essence: 8.2kgc Metals: 1 Dvarium Bar: 15kgc For items without prices PM me in game, they are negotiable, The few items with prices, aren't