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  1. Have I been a bad Wizard?

    BattleWizard here. My IP is banned, not sure why. Mod discussion was mentioned in #gm last night, but i figured the rule pertained to actual public channels. Not sure what else may be the case. Edit: pertained, not pertaining Edit: Now able to login. friends say it may be from old IP Ban? #GM from --------: bans don't come without warning usually so you probably just picked up a IP address or block that was banned long ago. Might want tomention it on the Board, could be old crap in the system. Might help to say that I'm using a mobile hotspot for internet.
  2. Selling a lot of goodies

    I'll take the Bone of Death. pm BattleWizard or King_Turtle.
  3. New perk ideas

    Perk: Lethargic Disables Action Points. Gives: 5pp Costs: 30k
  4. HE, why arent they made?

    hey all, Demon_Mage here. Most people remember me as Lord_Cain, i used to sell HE's by 10k's. after awhile, i gave it though..."20k silver, 10k mums" 10k HE for 80kgc then i thought about LE's.... "10k silver, 20k sunflowers" 10k LE for 50kgc if u notice, flowers are fast, easy and lightweight to harvest, but harving 10k silver MORE than usual is quite noticable, and its not even less than the cost itself. (from 80k to 50k price) so in my opinion, its the silver that bothers people. perhaps change the harv spots, change the ings needed for HE's, make silver more lightweight, or just be able to harv silver faster
  5. Mod abuse

    Yea, things like this happen from time to time, in every RPG review I have seen for Eternal Lands, they constantly warn others about the Mods and their over use of their power. seems to me they take the "Power Hungry" Perk too literal...
  6. storage sale

    I'd Like to buy the Uni Hood for 63k plz ^_^
  7. Auction for Animal Removal Stone

    Alrighty then. its sold. "Nothing can kill the grimace, we're done here."
  8. Auction for Animal Removal Stone

    Anonymous Bid of 310k
  9. Auction for Animal Removal Stone

    Start Bid is 375k
  10. Auction for Animal Removal Stone

    Hello, I am selling an Animal Removal Stone. Start bid: (edit)275kgc -Edit: New BIN, set at 375k Minimum Increment of 5k (5000gc) Bid Please. Pm me ingame to set an Anonymous Bid This Auction will end in 48 hours (10:30 P.M Central, June 07) Thanks