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  1. Banned char

  2. Banned char

    Sounds fair enough
  3. Banned char

    The stuff that was traded was rubbish, why not sto clear it like others?
  4. Banned char

    Hey aislinn, Thanks for replying. It has nothing basicly, would have to read the mining books again and stuff, would just love to continue atmo who is a bit further along. Atmo
  5. Banned char

    Hi, When i came back the last time i traded some stuff from an old char to my new and thus broke rule 5! Im hereby asking you to consider unbanning my character Atmosfear. Thanks in advance, Atmo
  6. Atmosfear

    ok then let me say this now, frostmourne was just playing on tookar char, dont know if he will keep playing EL or not, but if he will, its on that char
  7. Atmosfear

    Atmosfear char is banned, totally understandable, Aislinn pointed me on rule number 5 which i sadly had forgotten about. Since im the owner of a new char i do not need this account anymore, but i wanted to give it to my brother (yes frostmourne) since he didnt get a unban. So what im asking is if he may use it? if not..thanks for your time
  8. Kharn banned

    cant take a joke gnny? the indicates that it was a joke
  9. Kharn banned

    well aware of that rule, but its not an awnser to my question
  10. Kharn banned

    Hi, Could anyone tell me why Kharn got banned? And will he ever be unbanned? Very silly but i bought his char when it was still unbanned, via paypal, while waiting for his response suddenly he was banned. (Gossip told me) Would you consider unbanning since there will be a new owner, thus someone who did not break the rule(s) he did? With kind regards, Atmo