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  1. RIP!

    I'm looking forward to once again having Starlite as my guild leader and this time I will try to stick around in game longer lol.
  2. HELP Dissolved

    I know I am way late on this but I would just like to thanks Starlite and HELP for helping me through a semi difficult time in EL. I left the game awhile back and have now just returned but if Starlite ever reads this or any of the other HELP folks who actually remember me, thanks for everything.
  3. The RPing in MMORPGs

    I totally agree with Dawench, I voted very important as well.
  4. I have to agree to some extent with Ent here, responsible education over fear mongering and telling teens etc that all this stuff is just bad and don't do it is the first way to just entice teens to disobey and do whatever they want. If teens are going to drink, show them the hard facts about what happens when they get into a car and what can happen, but don't tell them, don't drink at all because it is bad and that's it. Sure, not all may agree that under age drinking is a good thing, but if it happens, contain it, tell them if they are going to do things like that to hang up their keys and at least be safe about it. As far as Dare, I don't even want to go there because D.A.R.E and the U.S.'s so called drug war have hurt the U.S. more than it has helped it, imho at least.
  5. Ok, well, as far as the video game censoring goes, I believe (for the sake of compromise) you should just sensor the age, not that I totally age with censors but lets face it, people will whine so some measures should be taken to shut them up, at least a little lol As far as minors having sex with each other etc, This should not be punished by the law. Early education is the best defense against pregnancy, STD’s etc. Warning them about real life facts and not what god or gods want you to do and not do, just isn’t logical (no offense to religion). Sure, waiting till until you are ready and mature is a good thing, but teenagers will be teenagers and not listen to anyone but themselves, but at least give them a head start and really try and related to them and maybe they will at least be a little safer about it, that is the responsible way to handle it in my opinion. Yes, the U.S. is going through some dark days, we use to stand for something and now we have become a weak country that panders to big corperations that don’t give a damn about what happens to the citizens of this country, as long as they make a profit. We use to stand for freedom, now we stand for a lot of things that we use to stand up against. It is sad, hopefully one day we can get back to being a country that upholds its own ideals instead of trashing them and circumventing all of the principals we use to stand for. Just my 2 cents, if you disagree, that is your right…..I hope.
  6. RISE guild is now recruiting members

    lol....for the record...I had no Idea that Phoenix_Dragon had already submitted a recruiting post
  7. RISE is a brand new guild and we are currently recruiting anyone interested with a skill of 20 or above not including oa. We are just starting out but we are looking for good honest players to strengthen our ranks and are willing to help newer folks to the game settle in and what not. If you are looking for a guild and would like to join us, please contact Phoenix_Dragon in game to go from there. Here is a list of our rules for our guild. Our rules are simple and straightforward. 1. Have FUN! This is a must. If you are not enjoying yourself in our guild, please let phoenix_dragon or any of the council members know. If nothing can be done to remedy the situation, we will be more than happy to release you from our ranks. Although we will be sad, we all know that it is important to have fun. 2. No Bag jumping, Period. This is in reference to bags that you KNOW belong to someone else. If there are other people around, feel free to ask. 3. TRY to return death bags. This does not mean you HAVE to spam any particular channel (after all, if I am rarely in any 'official channel' and if I die, I just run back to where I died as fast as I can). We ask that you wait 10-20 minutes (depending on how far you are from the underworld exit) for the owner to return. If he does, and can tell you about what was in the bag (ex.: HE's, Leather Armor and a shield) then you return it. (Remember, we are not asking for exact numbers!) If you see someone die, feel free step on their bag and PM them, letting them know that you have it. If no one returns who knows what items are in the bag, feel free to claim its contents. 4. Help your guildies. This does not mean you have to give them everything for free. If you sell them items, sell to your guildies at REASONABLE prices. Also, if a guildie asks what seems to be an obvious, stupid question, do not make fun of them. Answer their question. We were all noobies once, even if we do not (want to) remember. 5. NO SCAMMING! No matter who you scam, this will earn you a one way ticket out of the guild. 6. Obey EL's rules.
  8. Your play times

    Since I got back in game with this new char, around 4 hours daily (usually) and sometimes like 5-10 mins here and there between what I am doing when I am home etc.
  9. eXe scammed

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your items Star but I respect you a lot for taking the high road no matter what people say or do to you in game. I've said it before, you are one of the nicest, most understanding people I have ever met in game and I am sorry that in this game (as in RL) sometimes people take great advantage of that for their own personal gains, despite what they may do to others because they simply do not care, sad but true. I will say though, that karma does work in mysterious ways. Keep your head up Star.
  10. Why I like HELP guild

    I am glad that I have joined HELP as well. Starlite took me in after I left my other guild, and I will say that she is one of the most understanding people I have met so far in EL