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  1. Beware Degun (Morath) antics

    Ya he was trying to lure me into nca arena while i was harvesting today. I 1 hit him twice in arow with a picaxe but he would let me come in and then diss and walk afew steps away and shoot me with pk arrows while i was still stuck in place. His OA is below 20 so both times he did not drop anything. still funny he is wasting his time trying to kill people harvesting..
  2. NMT idea

    I Read through 6 or so pages of this post, I agree with that the cape should be breakable, and the added stats of the degraded cape is also nice.. The drop rate being increased alittle to compensate for them breaking would also be nice. Did you still have an interest in implenting this into the game Radu? this post is afew monthes old now.
  3. NMT game

    Quite an old thread, but wondering how the drops are doing on NMT's and Arti capes now.. Anybody been having any luck with drops lately? 6k Fluffs, 800 fero's no Capes yet..
  4. Korrode's Combat Guides

    Great guide! Im halfway through fluffs right now and was wondering if it would be a bad idea to put 20 inst in now, it says to do it while on fero's but i dont see a downfall putting them in early, as long as i dont raise p/c past 28/44..
  5. Storage Sale

    Sold afew items, edited the first post with current stock.
  6. Storage Sale

    Done selling. Thanks
  7. A Lil' Help? (:

    For your levels i would probably train on wolfs, they are 26/20 with around 8/12 p/c , male goblins would be next, they are 28/25 , would probably need to bump your p/c up afew, maybe 12/16.. Hope this helps, i recently just started playing again after a 2 and half year break, so not 100% on the numbers Just try to keep your p/c as low as you can for training, if you put it to high you will kill stuff way to fast, thus getting less xp
  8. Mana Drain parter/s

    Hello, having no luck with gossip and finding partners to mana drain with If anyone would like to mana drain , leave a message here or pm me ingame.. i have 14.6k ess left to shoot.