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  1. Black listed ISPs list

    This isn't EXACTLY related, but it's just Bell up here, or Bell Sympatico (their high speed service). BellSouth is called that because... it's south. You know, of Canada "Bell", the company, was the first telephone company, started by Alexander Graham Bell, the Canadian inventor of the telephone. Totally a tangeant, but I happen to live in his hometown Anyhow, just thought nobody would care so I had to share. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  2. Harvesting Limit

    Thank you kindly.
  3. Testing New Formula

    Personally, I find this fun. But I've always been attracted to resource gathering in games... I guess I'm just not a real combat sort of person when it comes down to it. (Visions of Morrowind... picking up every flower in existance... hours of my life...) And I don't mind having a break from the game - get up and grab a sandwich or somesuch. It's enjoyable (to me) to have an aspect of the game that doesn't require constant attention and/or action. Saves on the carpal tunnel too. But that's just me. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  4. Testing New Formula

    I think I'm the master of AFK harvesting... today I've watched two movies and beaten a PS game while sitting at my desk harvesting :/ Haven't tested the new formula yet, but it sounds like a winner. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman