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  1. Omfg This Monster Is Teh Ebul!11

    "Do not ask questions better left to aged sages. Let us just say that Boo is small and there are many places on Minsc to hide." "Eeeewwww... I don't even want to think about that!!!" http://www.megagear.com/megagear_site/detail.aspx?ID=36
  2. Anime Fans!

    http://www.offlinetshirts.com/cgi-bin/ol/c...go.cgi/ph33rm3h And.... [DB] Naruto 110-111 Special 275.15MiB [1D18E613] 3893 5986 27.99TiB 91275 01d15h33m 2.75GB/s That's 3893 uploading BitTorrent clients. Ahhh, life is good
  3. Harvesting Limit

    I have a quick question about the harvesting limit... I'm having a bit of a *discussion* about it with someone. You see, I think that it limits the amount of experience you can get from harvesting per hour, while he thinks that it limits the amount of successful harvests that you can earn experience from per hour. In other words... Theory A: By harvesting, I can only make x experience per hour. Theory B: By harvesting, I can only earn experience off of x successful harvests per hour. Can anyone clarify this? Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  4. Harvesting Limit

    ~searches for "ignore" button~ Kidding! Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  5. Harvesting Limit

    'Nuff said Thanks for trying though. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  6. Anime Fans!

    That, my friend, is a matter of opinion And please don't try to get me started on an "all you watch" war... it would not be healthy for either of us, or the sanity of anyone else on here And on that note, Dattebayo just released the Naruto one hour special Eps 110-111... say goodnight, EL client (I'd rather watch the ANBU-AonE but they haven't released yet so bleagh to them... I'll delete and DL their version later ) One day, I was so tired of waiting for the latest Naruto, I downloaded it RAW just to watch it And just to make my total g33kn3ss complete, I've been making up a music score for Ayumi Hamasaki's "Inspire" - I timed the whole thing (notes and everything) just so that I can learn the damned words Mmmm.... Ayumi. ~Homer drool~ Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman P.S. @dragburn - Are you learning Japanese? No? then j00 n0t b3 1337!!! P.P.S. @everyone else - you're better off just ignoring me in this thread. Trust me.
  7. Woot Learner's Bot Is Hitting On Me

    The answer is that TECHNICALLY, (and only an equestrian would really know this,) NO horse can be registered as white. As far as the official tag is concerned, there is no such thing as a white horse. All white horses, even the PUREST white, are registered as grey. Therefore, General Grant's white horse was grey (It's terrible, but I heard it somewhere once, and it kind of stuck as amusing) Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  8. Harvesting Limit

    Oh yeah, to reference a previous post... And the fact I don't know where the diamonds are. Please don't tell me. I enjoy exploring. That's the other half of my obsession with Morrowind. I have an "ooh! what's over there!" personality. Plus less than halfway through the game I was an undefeatable axe wielding maniac
  9. How To Get To Level 99 Potion

    ....... ............... ........................ I CAN'T STOP MYSELF..... Zerg Rush? FUFUFUFU *ahem* that's all the Korean I know ~badum*CHING~ Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  10. Woot Learner's Bot Is Hitting On Me

    Wrong. Try again.
  11. Anime Fans!

    Ok, this one's gonna be a doozy... let's take these one at a time. Well first, let's get it out of the way... you may want to look AWAY from your monitor at this point. I AM L33T3R THAN J00 ALL!!! PH33R M4 1337 0T4KU SK1LLZ!!! I apologize for that. It just... had to be. That being (regrettably) said, let's move on to the list. The stuff at the very top of it, anyway. It's a lot longer than this. Hellsing Neon Genesis Evangelion Naruto Love Hina Excel Saga Ranma 1/2 Gundam (take your pick... I'm NOT going to list them all... except for the whole SD thing *shudders*) Trigun .hack Bubblegum Crisis (particularily Tokyo 2040, but once again, love it all) Ghost in the Shell (1&2, also Stand Alone Complex) Slayers (Slayers Now, Slayers Try... lol) Cowboy Bebop Princess Mononoke DBZ (in Japanese, you silly people... no right to comment until you have seen the original) Shaman King YuYu Hakusho Hikaru no Go (Ok, maybe now is a good time to shut up) Next: ... Oh yeah. @Aki - They're still working on Naruto, in fact I think ep.110 just came out, Lain rules, and you can't download the Naruto movie anywhere... I don't think a screener exists... and even if it does, I doubt anyone will sub it (did I mention that the Naruto movie is STILL in theatres in Japan?) Oh, and if you could see the Love Hina wall scroll I have up over my comp as I type, you'd kill me. @Korgan - you'd better watch that dubbed. You've been warned and finally, @newestn00b - superficial? Please explain. Oh, but you have no right to talk if you only watch the stuff they have DUBBED on american television (bleagh!).... although I shouldn't say that since I know most of the voice actors personally... well, they know my opinion too 95% not their fault anyway... it's the company doing a crappy job of translating and trying to kiddify the thing. Interesting aside, for those who watch Naruto - depending on who buys the rights to Naruto over here (and it WILL happen), assume they try to kiddify it - what are they going to do about Asuma's smoking habit? (pant pant... catching breath) Anyhow, that sums up THIS post. Prepare yourselves for the next one Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketuski The Vampiric Swordsman
  12. Calling For Volunteers!

    For people (like, up until recently, me) who don't check the storyline thread - the alpha version of the first chapter of my new work-in-progress is up - check it out here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9932 Thanks to all who give it a quick once-over - comments are extremely appreciated. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  13. Storylines Discussions

    Wow.... now THAT'S a confusing mess the first time through
  14. Eternal Lands Races

    My best advice is to pick up at least one of the Battle Circle books by Piers Anthony... failing that, though, look at animals... like wolf packs. The leader usually becomes the leader by killing the previous leader. Here's another way to look at it. We'll use WarCraft's orcs as our example. Sure, the guy at the top is the strongest. He's also likely the stupidest... the more intelligent members of society know that being in a position that is coveted, and the only way to gain it is to kill the current holder, makes one a giant target. And so they find a level they're comfortable at. There are some Orchan that will obviously never rise above the most basic levels. These are the peons of society, the drols... the ones who are too physically or mentally weak to go anywhere. And in a society like that, you're bound to have a fair number. These "peons" (if I can call them that without being stepped on by copyright ninjas) are looked down upon by the rest of their society, and treated like absolute dirt... but they're completely necessary to the existance of that society. Next up are (please don't kill me for the constant Warcraft references) are the grunts. A step above the peons, the grunts really only exist for one reason - to fight, to support the leader... or to kill him and replace him as soon as he shows weakness. Grunts are the pool that the leaders come from... thus the reason why a highly warlike race doesn't dominate the world almost instantly - there's far too much infighting going on all the time, and their leaders are typically MORONS. The third significant level (besides the leaders) is the shamans. The wise men. The healers. Whatever you want to call them, these are the REAL leaders. They are the smart ones... they may not be big and strong, but they know how to CONTROL the big dumb ones, and they really don't care who the brutes kill, or which one is in charge. Remember, the Orchan respect the gods, and these are the voices of the gods themselves... they will also use basic magic, alchemy, and other tricks to scare the masses. Where the REAL power lies in this society. At this level will also be the other intelligesia, such as it is, who may not be shamans, but are strictly controlled by them in their profession. (These "professionals" are vital to the society, but they know that if they step out of line, they'll be killed at a moment's notice.) Anyhow, I've hardly gone into full detail, but that's kind of how a system like that works. Any questions? Any gross loopholes I left open? Let me know. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman EDIT Oh, yes, forgot to mention. Those challenges for leadership? They're not to the death the FIRST time, unless it's specifically stated, or the challenger won't give up. First few times it's just a lesson, and a certain time in which you can't rechallenge. After that, if you keep it up when it's obvious you can't win, you are "dishonoured" and are stuck in the peon class for the rest of your life - no exceptions. If you still try something after that, it's death. (Unless, of course, you win. It's important to make that distinction.) Also, full names are not earned until a certain rite of passage of some sort is performed... at that time, the "warrior" chooses his name and earns the RIGHT to challenge. All who fail the test are stuck as peons, unless the shamans find a bright one and whisk them off for their own purposes. (To the grunts, being a shaman is much the same thing as a peon.)
  15. Woot Learner's Bot Is Hitting On Me

    Oh, and for the record - that plane/survivors thing was old when my mom went to high school
  16. Woot Learner's Bot Is Hitting On Me

    If you want to go that way... What colour was General Grant's white horse?
  17. Power Hungry Perk

    I mean last time I researched something I watched a movie, and took a shower, leaning over every once in a while to double click the food (well, not while I was in the shower, but you get the idea) Then I started a new research and left my house to do some things... when I got back home, it was 400 points in /me is not a cheating bastard <_< Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  18. Harvesting Limit

    I've made it famous for myself... just not here Probably best known as SSJVegeta-Sei from AntiOnline. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  19. Calling For Volunteers!

    What kind of storyline are we talking about? I'm a writer... and I've been told before that my work could certainly go professional (if I could sit down and complete any of the novels I start ) Still, I'd be happy to contribute if I know what needs to be done. Message me here, e-mail me, or pm me in game (StKenjutsushi) and I'll do what I can. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  20. Power Hungry Perk

    I would never take it in a million years. But that may be because I like to do AFK research... still, you only get 45 food max... that's like making it 15 before you need to eat to get up in the positives (doesn't work the same way for manu, but still...) Anyway, just my opinion. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  21. Harvesting Limit

    This is true, but I haven't researched diamonds Ahh, the joys of n00bishness. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman p.s. I like her already! She says "Regards."!
  22. Testing New Formula

    How about Wack-A-ANT? (kidding... well, sorta)
  23. Harvesting Limit

    Sapphires it is
  24. I Got Banned And I Don't Know Why?...

    Isn't it also annoying to post in a thread that's almost a month old? Please don't do this. Read thread age before responding, especially if it's terribly unrelevant. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  25. Black listed ISPs list

    Oh, and what about a little routine in the client that gives each system it's installed on a unique identifier - maybe based on system configuration, or some combination of software/hardware/ip identifiers... that way, you can just ban the "identifier" and nobody using that computer can create another account - and with a little cleverness, you could arrange for a computer of the same configuration and ISP to automatically obtain the same identifier every time, even if you totally wipe the system... thus making it nearly foolproof. Thought I should add something helpful. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman