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  1. Problems.

    I can not prove that i didnt give someone else my password because its impossible to prove that but its impossible to prove, also that i did give someone else my password. All the other things is easy to prove because they can see that my ip didnt change for the first 1year or so that i didnt sell my character... actually i cant sell it because i live far away from most the people that play EL and im 19 years old and I dont even know how to do to exchange the money lol.
  2. Problems.

    mmm , i didnt give the password out because i knew i was going to comeback... i dont know if i got hacked, or if that is possible... This is so easy, just check ips... The most funny thing here is that i dont even know who jerro is, and i spoke very few times with doctor when i played EL... In my country there is a law or a rule, i dont know how to xplain it that says: in spanish "se es inocente hasta que se demuestre lo contrario" what means ure innocent untill there are proves that u arent.
  3. Problems.

    ok thanks anyway... at least check the ips so u can see that i dont have any relation with that guys. ive never caused any problem, im paying for something i didnt do, anyway I undestand the mods if they dont want to unlock my character... as i said before ive never caused any probelm and this is not going to be the exception... Cya and thanks alot for listening me anyway i think that u guys are making a mistake with me... I remember once, there was a problem with a character called mmm fergie or something like that and u gave the character back. I quited EL and somebody stole my character, i dont know who, how, etc. but i dont deserve this. but as i said before, u are the mods here and its up to you.
  4. Problems.

    Doctor is not the original ohohok:S:S im the original ohohok and i dont know what happend after i quit but i didnt give my pw to doctor, jerro, i barely knew doctor at that time and all this story that u are telling me, i didnt know it lol because as i quit i didnt know what was happening with my character... I dont know how jero o doctor or i dont know who got ohohok's pw, i dont care but i didnt sell ohohok, i didnt buy it, etc. Its easy check the ip logs and u will see who is the owner and who is the one that train it and who is the guy that was honorable, etc. Im quite tired of arguing with u jezebelle about things i dont know, if u want, we can discuss about the things i know, i mean the things that happend during my game playing not after i quit.
  5. Problems.

    I dont even know who is jerry but i created ohohok, i played it all the time and i didnt sell it ever. I dont know what did the other guy told to u but he lied... and all this problem is easy to solve, just check ips, my ip is from argentina and i really doubt that anayone playing el has an argentinian ip.
  6. Problems.

    ive never shared that character.. you can check the ip till i quit the game.. and i didnt give ohohok's password to that guy that has been hacking or whatever under my name:S actually, i dont even know him and i wonder who is he. One of the last things i did before quiting was joining -EF- about a month before quiting or something else.. at that time i remember that it was a kind of war between -EF- and donpedro's guild that i cant remember the name... but i dont even know what is the "-EF- issue" because i wasnt playing when that happend. thanks very much for the time, and thx aislin for passing the pm to entropy
  7. Problems.

    i found this searching for ohohok in this section:: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- jerro Oct 11 2005, 08:20 AM Post #4 White Rabbit Group: Members Posts: 43 Joined: 16-June 05 Member No.: 8,283 Ok, so we "cheated". We used an Illegal client. And YES we cursed at the moderators. But this is kinda childish init? You have booted me for a week. Ive been publicly humilated. I had many disucissions. I appoligzed to moderators. I'm getting a stats cut. And we still want to play. Just tell me what you want then =/ you keep punishing us for going on with the game? Everytime we better our lives after being punished and you find a new reason over and over again to boot/lock us again. "For ohohok & hardcore. Apology was not accepted" Learner accepted my appology so wtf? Since when do YOU decide if the appoligy is accepted? I have no idea what hardcore said to you or other moderators. But he appoligzed. He had the same punishments as me. My opinion [which im free to say] is that ur acting VERY childish. Look at other peeps =] theyre leaving cause this game is becomming a prison. oh and w/e.. Im getting sick of ur attitude..oh look at me im a developer i can do what ever i want. YES its a free game, but that doesnt have to say you ruin someone elses fun. Do w/e u wanna do .. i bet i spoke for many people if i say u screwed it up. Greetings Ohohok --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont know who this guy is, I dont know wtf he did and i dont know why is he signing with my name... I have played EL and been an honorable player, nothign to do with this guy.. you can ask Sandcastle, neoses and alot of people that knew me ingame.. I dont know what happened with this jerk and why did he use my character but i dont even know who is he... Actually i dont know if Aislinn remember me but i used to talk with her when i played so she can testify that im a different person and ive always act between the rules... You can investigate my profile till i quit this game, also you can investigate my logs.. actually im sure that guy doesnt event have an ip like mine because he may be from other country... I trully dont know what happened here! I think that the best way is checking IPs,but that is ur job and u know how to do it... thanks alot and btw, thanks for the effort you guys do to understand my english that is like spanglish:P
  8. Problems.

    Hello, I quit EL about 10 months ago... i thought that i couldnt remember my password but a mod in game told me that the problem is that for some reason my character is locked. Then i dont really know why so i wanted to know if there is any chance to get it back because i want to play the game again:D:D My IP isnt locked, its just the character and i dont really know. Thanks alot, Sincerely Ohohok
  9. Hi. I Am Curious About A Lot Of Pms?

    similar, not equal:D
  10. Fei Is Back

    mmmm, Im like lost.. Who is FeI? Who used FeI?
  11. The Eternal Sun

    lol, wasnt it a cute gob?
  12. Question About Godless

    If u go godless, u lose all ur god quest.. and u are rank -2.. so u get less exp than usual...
  13. Platyna Got Owned

    I bet that u cant kill Linux
  14. Platyna Got Owned

    shame on u shasso and scarr , u shouldnt be out there pking n00bs ROFL... Gratz guys, uve done the wishes of alot of ppl
  15. A War To End All Wars

    Sorry but im not going to participate, im going to the sea for holidays, sorry