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  1. Selling alot of my storage

    I offer 4gc each for the raw meat
  2. Making money

    haarvest and sell iron - Aj_The_Best ingame :>
  3. Hide and seek

    Hello, My ingame name is Aj_The_BesT and i would like to through a hide and seek evnt tommorow start of Joule day
  4. Experience Books

    Have to agree - fantastic idea - thanks Radu
  5. IP Ban

    Hi - I went to log in tonight and found that my IP has been banned. I only have this one character - so it must have been something my son did who plays on the same network. His characters are Ajaxrocks, AJ_the_best, Dragon_Queen, Sun_shine, plus some others apparantly but he can't remember. Can I please get unbanned - I will make sure that my son only plays his main character from now on. His main character is now AJ_the_Best - I will make sure he plays no others. Also his main character used to be Ajaxrocks - I have discussed with Rauch (I think) the rules concerning trading between Braemar and Ajaxrocks - can these now be applied to AJ_the_best and Braemar - ie limited trading, fair trade etc.
  6. The Missing Gods... Would you use them?

    I currently serve the Man god but am planning to go godless once I get my manu levels up enough to make some cool armour. As an all rounder it is just too hard to pick amongst the gods.
  7. I voted no because it is part of the game I feel. However if I find a DB I would personally try to find the owner because I think it's the right thing to do. I have had my DB returned on a number of occasions and I really appreciate it - but sometimes I do not get my DB back - EL still goes on