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  1. Please cancel batch 5 of blue quartz. I would like to order 5 10k batches of silver. Thanks!
  2. Maybe my memory is going on me, but didn't I pick up the 10k sulfur from ladyblue? As I recall I waited in PL sto for her to finish a muling job. This was I think the weekend prior, don't remember if it was a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (evening/night in Europe). I am pretty sure the only order outstanding was with bob88 for coal -- we just haven't been on at the same time. Thanks!
  3. I'd like to order 10k sulphur, 10k coal, 10k rose quartz, 10k quartz and 10k blue quartz. Thanks!
  4. 10k sulphur, 10k coal for Ovi. Thanks!
  5. Global Quest FAQ

    Last 4 oranges are in, time to look for trees.
  6. Hi. I would like to change my batches of coal to batches of iron. Thanks!
  7. 5 batches of 10k coal for Ovi. Thanks.
  8. Auction 100k coal

  9. Cancel my last two batches of sulphur please. I would like to order 2 batches of 10k diamonds. Thank you!
  10. 5 batches of 10k sulphur for Ovi. Thanks!
  11. 5 batches of 10k iron ore please. Thanks!
  12. 10K blue quartz for Ovi. Thank you.
  13. 10k blue quartz for Ovi. Thanks
  14. 10k iron ore for Ovi. Thanks
  15. 10k iron ore for Ovi. Thanks