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  1. More realism - rotting items

    agree (just not with wind) also i suggest that characters walk more realistic, not like they have chair in a$* i think game development should be focused on stuff like this rather then on rotting items xDDDDDDDDD
  2. Wanna buy Titanium Greaves of MiRRoRing Write me PM on forums if You sell =) Ingame name eXe :pickaxe:
  3. pk fun

    it would be good if kf stays ND, NCa ND, and NCC Drop and WSA multy pk Drop
  4. Merging of 2 guilds

    brod tag
  5. Vacation

    Have fun =)
  6. pk fun

    maybe if you lvl your own charr also rest of charrbuyers, all would go pk and it would be even more fun &&
  7. Poor man's magic weapons

    idea not good IMO things are good the way they are... ONLY PUT MAG PROTECTION SPELL and special weapon hits RARE !!!!! and that's it, no need for blitzbraking new items etc xD
  8. NMT cape Auction!

    ok ill buy 26k
  9. Auction

    10 gc
  10. Wanna buy Titanium Greaves of MiRRoRing

    nah got them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper.. enjoy them
  11. Buying & Selling.

    1 gc
  12. Auction

    you fail at reading once again go on his auctions and do the same =)
  13. NMT cape Auction!

  14. Auction

    even that is too much for this weap
  15. Buying & Selling.

    ill buy all for 2k gc
  16. NMT cape Auction!

  17. More realism - rotting items

    you nubs that cant even play game right don't spoil fun for those who actually play this game ! if this gets implemented i am 1st to leave... if you like game where you must pay to deposit, go play it stop wanking off with this idea it goes on my nerves with your rotten ideas and groomsh go play mud's and stfu. in other games items don't brake they have DURABILITY and they are able to be repaired ! how about this idea ? or you want el to rott ? just next time ignore this insane brainless ideas and if you want realism just turn off computer !!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. New quest

    in your time of writing you could click all over TG. senseless to make more clues its like drawing a map.... i never seen game with more clues ^^ just a "quest" should be enough for you to explore since you try that and since you are interested of it... 20 new NPCs in update should me more then enough to give any little clue ! (cant find any other use of that NPCs)
  19. More realism - rotting items

    as you read, you see your idea just piss people off... plz think on some FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN part of game don't try to be killjoy if you so badly want real life, move from computer and get your rotten vegetables out of refrigerator, move you bike from rain etc.... just don't try to kill EL !!!!!!!!! and plz go to KF and forget your cape of the unbreakable if you wanna "save economy" when you really wanna save economy come kf and invite all your friends... if they would not be even more busy recovering rotten stuff!!!
  20. How many allied guilds do you have?

    w0w so many allies and you cry why there is no pk ! YOU ARE ALL ALLIED SCARED OF EACH OTHERS !
  21. More realism - rotting items

    i don't like this idea there is to much penalty's already no need to make this game even more harder !!!! stuff braking etc is already more then enough !! good you haven't said that items can go rusty and brake even more faster if you walk on rain with it haha.. what do you want that people go on vacation come back and all items are rotten, rusty etc ? lmao are you trying to murder EL ? come up with something fun and useful kk thx
  22. New Item: Magic Wand

    i would love black cone shaped hats with a pointy top ^^ with some good stats
  23. evtr - red witch story

    Ok =) and that comment was not for overall text, only quoted part =P
  24. evtr - red witch story

    ok first of all "The wind played between the trees in the forest outside the cave, brushing her face softly and waving about her hair as she laid there, eyes open, motionless on the cave floor." LMFAO it should be story not poetry, and its so predictable ROFL.. I mean no offense but its just toomuchery =)