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  1. Feasting or Spirit restoration?

    agreed, make BR's, take full EMU worth to NPC - sell BR's and for the gc buy Feasting potions (repeat indefinitely) iirc you should get profit in the amount of Feasting Potions and should get some extra gc from the process too.
  2. Vial molds breaking like glass

    By checking my astro before using them my stats were something of about 3-5k vials with one mold (sometimes I got even more with one if I finished making vials before the mold broke and continued using it the next time) .... but then again haven't been online for a few months
  3. potion of fortune

    how about flip? that is astro = astro*-1 if you had bad astro you'll have good, if you had good astro - it will be bad and if your astro was neutral there would be no effect the more negative your astro was the more profit from drinking the potion, don't know if astro prediction could be flipped too... but the "effect ware off" would be that astro keeps changing as it does usually that's what I'd like
  4. way too close to the storage... and there's a LOT of unused or rarely used space in C2 where the second ranging area could be built. better something like the caves in Hurquin or somewhere in Sedicolis EDIT: heck we could make the second one even further away so that just beginner rangers would not prefer it (as a noob ranger it doesn't bother me if I block your path but you as a high level ranger can't shoot... am I wrong?)
  5. How fast r y00?

    same here:
  6. @ and # and maybe / buttons on client

    right, forgot about that the action will be executed.... ok but then theres the option of using prompts test @||@<say what in active channel> @@8||@@8 <say @@8> #||#<command>
  7. @ and # and maybe / buttons on client

    bit of a far fetched solution but..... couldn't this be solved with User menu?
  8. Client patch for Windows and Linux data (V2)

    Note that not using dds files will make map changing slower again (or the problem might be that the custom (non-official) maps I have are with higher resolution then the official maps) How to convert bmp to dds? tried with XnView under windows but client didn't open the maps
  9. Client patch for Windows and Linux data

    same thing with the poison indicator (sry, no screenshot atm)
  10. Client patch for Windows and Linux data

    agreed, unbelievably nice update (Raz - 7zip under winXP extracted it just fine for me) By any chance could this have made loading map image slower? the map changing (going indoors/outdoors, going to another map) is a lot faster but opening the map view (TAB key) for the first time on a map then the client hangs for (quit) a while before showing the map. Although seems to load map to memory or something to because the second time viewing the map is instant. But just wanted to know if first time opening went slower than before for anyone else too or is there something i need to work on ? EDIT: would gziping my maps help? currently there bmp
  11. Unusual problem...with ALT key?

    hah, yes was able to reproduce it under linux too (kde 3.5) the same problem in general: if you press the ALT key while EL is not in focus and while still holding down the key focus on el window and hit some key like M the ALT is not counted and the key is just printed out in local chat Never had the problem myself before because KDE changes windows after you release the ALT key - therefor to reproduce the problem I had to focus EL window by clicking on it in taskbar
  12. Unusual problem...with ALT key?

    Did you check for so-called hardware sticky-keys? It might not be related to software at all Try another keyboard, sometimes (more like always) stuff gets beneath the buttons and/or sometimes the keyboard just gets tired over time and some of the keys loose the spring n their step and stay down (most often happens with the CTRL and ALT keys) ...just say'n - worth a shot
  13. Concerning bagjumping

    I was thinking of a cheaper rosto-like stone that would only be removed if you were hit by a teleport nexus.... as ant-teleport-nexus stone
  14. Concerning bagjumping

    password protected mines? insert the correct password and the bomb doesn't blow E: if you didn't get it, that's a joke not real suggestion E2: how about a rosto for teleport nexus? lose the stone instead of teleporting (you could call it a bribe for MN)
  15. Second ranging target !

    In general I agree with the idea of a second arena, would be nice if so there wouldn't be so many ppl ranging in the same small area. But considering that a new arena would need firstly the decision of location where to add it, then there would have to be the map change (create another no-magic area - and ofc some there will always be ppl who don't like the chosen area made non-magic) and then the new arena would need testing (I'm sure there would be more problems with it that I cannot think at the moment)....... the simplicity of adding a new target overweights the benefits of making a second arena. and adding the second arena would not make you lag more on the arena as that depends on the amount of rangers not by the amount of targets p.s FYI Korrode, some of us lag even in a packed storage, so even tho I did change in the XML file (tho it helped a ton) I also was laggying a lot in the ranging arena.