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  1. I just dont understand..

    Hi. I am gucci_mane and Im posting here today because I feel as though Im being treated unfairly. Being the typical noob that I was I decided to buy gc from lothar. Ok, cool. Everything was good on my side, "the payment had been sent". I met lothar at votd and got my product. Cool. The next day I get an email from paypal saying that my bank has insufficient funds to proceed with this payment. Ok, if this is the case, why the hell did it tell me that the payment was sent? This was an unintentional scam and I explained this to lothar. I told him I would pay him back by the weekend. Ok, I couldnt do it..mortgage time was comin up. shit happens. Since I could not pay him that weekend, I was just going to give him the 1.5m items I had on fruitypebbles to replace that. But, within the next couple days I come to find out that I (fruitypebbles) is banned. And, to clear up any confusion about why I got a name change..because I wanted to. it wasnt to try to avoid lothar. Im not that type of person. But, lothar you should know exactly what Im talkin about in this situation because you have had the same problem I'm going through, but you turn me in. What am I talking about? Look at this --> http://s1.zetaboards.com/Unofficial_EL_For...topic/865500/1/. And, to clear up even more confusion..I am not chamillionaire. he is a real close friend of mine. we both used to play Eternal lands a long time ago and most oldies knew who we were. I just dont understand why I must be banned for something I didnt even mean to do, when lothar has been in my shoes before. To me, it just does not seem fair. Please, lets try to sort this thing out so I can play in peace again. Thank you.