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  1. Tap Banned

    This is shawnm, and i was not even on at the time he traded for wulfgar what he traded was jerold + hermit and they both had full storages i had not been on since the day before and i was even at my dads house so im sure that the IP would be different that day then what i play on all the time i got on after he had wulfgar and didnt even pm wulfgar at first i pm'ed jerold because thats who i thought he still was and thats how i found out so there has to be something wrong here... you have to believe me aislinn i never played middle man for anything we just traded all the time because we thought nothing of it, it was not that i was tradeing stuff over to his alts or anything because he didnt need anything at all from me when he bought hermit there was like 600k on him or something so he was set, and jerold had just bought some gc's off unofficial forums the only character that didnt have anything was Harmz and he was a new character that tap was trying to make into a mage character so i gave him some leather armor and 1k gc's for ICD perk i think this is just all one big misunderstanding that is going on i think we can get this fixed out because we have been on our best behaviors in this game since the last time we were in trouble i mean come on aislinn you didnt even know i was there untill my old character was banned and i wasnt even the owner of him anymore, basically all i want is to get this figured out PLease and thanks shawn. I just read the last post you wrote again Aislinn, and the only reason i traded to wulfgar right after he got the character is because he wanted to use my armor to see what wulfgar was really capable of killing but if you seen my stor you would see that everything i traded him i got right back, full tit. col. cutty and bp cloak and a couple he's because i wasnt sure if wulfgar came with them and if you seen Taps storage you would see that i have not gave him anything from his other characters he only has 2 good items steel cuisses and a MoL and those came with the character (Wulfgar) and you could probably ask the guy that has the jerold and hermit characters now, wulfgar came with a crap storage other than those 2 things Inorder to get wulf jerold had traded the guy jerold plus hermit with full storages the guy would not take the 2 characters unless they had all the good stuff in there storages and im sure if you can get ahold of him he will be able to confirm that but thanks again shawnm
  2. Tap Banned

    If i was the middle man to any of this why would we have traded all of the time we are not that stupid we know that you guys check up on that stuff all of the time lol we trade stuff like 1 flower to eachother sometimes just for shits and giggles we are just 2 guys who like to play this game and we are bestfriends so we like to help eachother out in everything we do even this game
  3. ShawNm

    This is ShawNm and as of yesterday i have figured out i had been banned and the reason for my ban was because I was'nt supposed to sell fracture but the thing about that was here are your exact words to me ( No Alts, No sharing, and im not unlocking this character for you to turn around and sell ) i had thought you were kidding around about that because if you remember i had been baned for offering to sell a character in a public channel and i had apologized for that. so you can see where the confusion was aislinn. But aislinn this right here should show you i dont cause problems anymore you didnt even know i was shawnm, Fracture getting in trouble is how you figured it out and im not fracture anymore he's been sold for quit some time now And the whole thing with me and tap being brought up again, neather one of us thought we were breaking any rules because we were'nt getting on ip's the only time's i could think that we could have been on the same ip is when i take my laptop to his house and i logged onto my account but other than that nothing... and as he said in his post he buys some gc's every now and then and hooks me up ingame because i do alot of favors in RL for him but if this is a problem we will no longer ever trade to eachother or anything again but i think it's fair to say that we have been on our best behavior Thanks, Shawn and also could you like let me know what is going on or anything aislinn
  4. Please Read

    Well I'll start out by saying that my ingame name was Fracture and I was banned about a year ago, I have had a long thought process about this apparently since I have been banned for this long HeHe... Everything that i was ever banned for I have done and i take full responsibility for my action's, but i can promise you 1 thing and thats that i am VERY VERY sorry and i will NOT let this happen again I will not have no OTHER characters once so ever, and if you do let me come back you can whitelist me or do what ever once again I am willing to take full responsibility for these actions i have chosen to take! PLease just think about this and let me know you will not regret this Aislinn, SORRY Just give me this 1 LAST chance PLEASE Sincerely, Fracture
  5. Please Read

    thank you very much aislinn i really appriciate it i promise i will not let you down