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  1. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    Gave it a try sideloading it on my Nook HD+, no luck - just get a black screen when I run it.
  2. Possible Invance Rehab?

    I voted to leave invances as they are. I am not against changing the level ranges or even making them variable. I am usually in the 100-120 range and we sometimes have trouble in that range getting enough players to have an invance anyway. Also, I am agianst changing the bonus to "exp per hit" based because I usually attend as a summoner. Most of the time I am using tank rabbits to help soak damage for the fighters / rangers. Other times I use hawks and LBD stones to help stop a gate rush. I never directly damage any critters unless I get jumpped. I would perfer to receive extra summoning exp for what I do in invances, but at least the final bonus is an insentive to go. Without that bonus I would just stop going. ------------------------------- Ingame name JRats
  3. change guild ranks

    Being able to change the rank of a player while they are not logged on would be VERY useful. Even if this command was limited to a level 20 it would be very useful. Any chance of getting this implemented? ------------------------------------ Ingame name JRats
  4. Just got the update sent this morning via Ubuntu Updater - everything works again, good job! ----------------------- Ingame name: JRats
  5. New Buffer Spells

    A big +1 on this from the Summoners! Summoning eats mana big time and having a mage be able to restoring mana remotly would be a major help! Ingame Name: JRats
  6. PK/combat summoner

    Mistral, You want to be able to better heal your summons and for that a higher rationality is better (along with a higher magic) so adding to reasoning or will increases rationality. I for one am in the process of adding to will in order to increase my rationality as well as increase my mana. ------------------------ Ingame name: JRats
  7. PK/combat summoner

    I myself do not PK, but as for the effect of charm - it increases the critical hit / critical damage for your summons. So, a 16 charm gives your critters a +16 critical hit / +16 critical damage. That plus the chance of getting an extra critter when you summon is incresed by charm so a 16 charm gives you a +16% of an extra critter. If you want to survive in PK as a strong summoner try going in invisible and doing the summons - you will not become visible if you do..... -------------- Ingame name: JRats
  8. summoning in combat

    +2 -------------------------------- Ingame name: JRats
  9. I've been having issues using Hawk Feathers with the "Inventroy Item List" when I have Cockatrice Feathers. I have a preset Item List I use for invances that includes Hawk Feathers, if I have Cockatrice Feathers in my storage it will pull those in to my inventory before it will pull in any Hawk Feathers. Also, I found out last night that there is also an issue with the Saved Recipes if the too. If I have a Cockatrice Feather in my inventory it disables any Saved Recipes with Hawk Feathers until I drop the Cockatrice Feather. This was quite a shock as I was trying to quickly summon hawks while a Cockatrice was getting ready to attack me. UPDATE: I tried creating an item list with a book (I have a bunch with the same icon) an had it set to pull a book type that was in the middle of the books shown in storage. It would pull the first book from inventory that has the same icon. In my storage the trice feathers are always ahead of the hawk feathers and when I had a trice feather in inventory I had it before the hawk feahters when I had the save recipes issue. I hope this helps... Ingame name: JRats
  10. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    For the most part I use tank rabbits to defend fighters, the tanks take the damage which takes the pressure off of them. For attack against bosses I use hawks, it takes a few of them but their mirror is evil. I have also summoned ACW when things get real bad, usually after I have lost a brick to a gate rush. For fluffy's and below I just fight them. ---------------------------------------------- Ingame name: JRats
  11. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I think that there will need to be minimum gear tweaks I go in as a summoner and do not wear armor, I use mage robes / CoM / MoM for the most part. I need the items that provide max mana for my summons. Rangers may be in the same situation with items like camo cape etc... --------------------------------------------------------- Ingame name: JRats
  12. New invance rules discussion

    I've been attending the 100-120 as a summoner For equipment I use a CoM / MoM / Mage Robes / Dragon Blade / Red Dragon Greave / Summoning Cloak I've been mostly providing a screen of tank rabbits for the fighters / rangers (between 60 and 90 summoned per invance) as well as hawks for offense (between 4 and 18 summoned per invance). I also bring fluffy stones / PW stones / tiger stones / bear stones for the times when I am out of mana. I have also upon occasion summoned ACW when things got real tough. I don't often directly kill monsters, but have taken out Nasps and giants with hawks when needed. I really am there more to provide defense so the fighters and rangers take less damage and can more easily kill stuff. If my tanks can take the heat off of the fighters or distract a monster while a ranger shoots it the I believe I am helping out. -------------------------------- In-game name: JRats
  13. Phoenix

    I like the idea of having a creature that a higher level summoner can summon which does damage but does not require an enhanced essence. I love tank rabbits, and they can take well - but without something to do damage that can be used with it I need to rely on a fighter or ranger to take the creature out. Hawks work, but it is really a case of the mirror doing the damage so you end up needing 40 or 50 hawks (4 or 5 summons) to get the job done...... ---------------------------------- In Game Name: JRats
  14. Red Dragon at 100-120 invance

    As a summoner I am always against a critter that will "smite summons" In game name JRATS
  15. Global Quest FAQ

    Grape donated.....