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  1. Sun Tzu stone

    I'll just leave this here
  2. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    If he's as infamous as he claims, you probably already know this. Here's the PM conversation we had a few moments ago: If he asks you for help, I can't recommend it.
  3. Eternal Lands Misfits

    Sora beat me to the tongue-in-cheek publicity announcement
  4. Eternal Lands Misfits

    Do you rarely ever do anything in EL? Do you ever wish there was a group of people to make fun of you and share your apathetic view of everything? If so, ELM might be the right guild for you! Our exciting daily activities include sitting on IP, talking on #GM, and making occasional brief appearances on channel 20, generally followed by an extended appearance in channel 11. Type "#join_guild Eternal Lands Misfits" and start enjoying EL again!
  5. mini events

    I love mini harvest events. They give me valuable finger exercise which is crucial for my career as a finger dancer. Please do not take it away, as it could ruin my golden future. My name will be in lights some day.