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    singing with my band(Awoken Shadows) and......well...Playing EL of course! lol
  1. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Video card: RADEON XPRESS 200M Series SW TCL x86/SSE2 Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.0.5757 WinXP Release my test client opens then closes in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds.......what would cause this to be?
  2. 80-100 Invance Team

    Im down for it let me know when i will be ready
  3. Death bags!

    Never again am i giving anyone a death bag back ! I just be burning myself!
  4. HylianMobster is locked

    Thank u very much ! I will not let u down!
  5. HylianMobster is locked

    If i have too i will give u my home phone number an have Eric give u his! Im a little crazy an sometimes do really stupid stuff but i am NO liar! i will go to extremes to prove myself an i dont want the mods (especially you) to think im trying to pull a fast on you because im not! I know my place!
  6. HylianMobster is locked

    I didnt put his whole address but yeah Eric is one of my best friends and i DO have permission!
  7. HylianMobster is locked

    IM just trying to prove myself here im not worried about my well being ! IM doing whatever it takes to straighten this whole thing out! sorry if i bothered u
  8. HylianMobster is locked

  9. HylianMobster is locked

    I have been locked since November! an I no I f'd up but I hope i can get the HylianMobster back! Put a lot of my life into that one I dont care about any alts! Have mercy on my soul please! I would have tryed to get my main back sooner but i thought the damage was done and I had no chance to get him back. But some friends of mine convinced otherwise and told me if I explain myself I would have a chance!
  10. HylianMobster is locked

    ok! im very sorry for flaming in the forums like i did, i was really angry and i lashed out in the wrong place. I was way out of line and i deserved some type of punishment! And i also am insanely sorry for the mass confusion concerning my friend Eric (billybbigger) and i being on the same WIFI connection at certain times because we ,live 1/2 mile away from each other and i got my lappy or we would be here at my house using my WIFI! We were not trying to cheat we just play together! I will follow any restrictions given to me if my HylianMobster was unlocked! once again i appologize for my mistakes!
  11. lack of resepect!

    wonder why there aint as many players in the game anymore? TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT AND HELP FOR NEWER PLAYERS! AND FOR THAT IM DONE! HAVE FUN WAKKIN UR PUD MONKEYS!
  12. Server down?

    OH NO! SOMEONE GET ON A PLANE AND GO TO ROMANIA AND WAKE HIM UP LMAO xD Im sure Radu was prepared for this kinda thing
  13. Natras BJ'er

    Guess Natras wants to have a stack of enemy's so lets all give him all he can handle and anyone who helps him be forwarned!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Game crashes as soon as i start it

    TYVM!!!!!!! u da man Thyralax....video drivers worked like a charm! mission complete
  15. Game crashes as soon as i start it

    it does not get to the log in screen. i will try the video drivers when i'm over next and see if that works out . if not i will post all the log errors for you to tinker with if the video driver update is not successful. i will keep u posted. tyvm