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    I make money 5k in month:P
  1. Why I Got Banned?

    Ty Entropy;)
  2. Why I Got Banned?

    i've been banned over 2 months and i ain't a pker,i'm a miner and my att/def is only 4/5 and i don't scam!!!most of my lifetime was in CC...
  3. Why I Got Banned?

  4. He Said It

    Don't tell anyone(even your dog) your password!!!
  5. Learner Dont Say Me Thief Pls

    erm...Zed i saw golduck gave u a steel chain not u didn't gave him...Zed is not guilty!
  6. Who Did I Get Banned

    You sure your internet connection didn't blow up???
  7. Taking To Long . . . .

    Um...Isn't this a ban section?
  8. Messed Up? Log In

    Do you spammed in channels?
  9. Teranoz Banned?!?

    What did he do?
  10. Banned?

    Gomaster...U gave ur pass to someone?
  11. Banned?

    Hehe...More like "butt".
  12. Look Pls Trust Me

    How we know you don't lie?
  13. Why I Got Banned?

    I logged out and at the other day my IP is banned...Why is that???I didn't do anything wrong and if i did something wrong then i promis that i never do anything wrong...I barely talk in channels... <_<