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    Reading Lem, decreasing skeleton numbers, anything else you want to add if you think it's not much.
  1. views after 2 weeks of playing this game

    Hey, welcome to EL. Let me give you a free hint that'll save your life more than once: ctrl+e is omnipotent.
  2. Experience Books

    Excellently balanced idea. Great for a quick start in a skill, painful for pr0s due to research time.
  3. Donate!

    I've just donated 300k to GIWS. It made me kinda famous and filled my screen with "congrats" PMs. Sure, I paid you 1,5 month of invasion warnings, but the absurdality of the idea of spending that much gc was so fun that I had to do it. Back to the topic: Donate! Get GIWS up and working once and for all, let's have a whole year paid and get rid of having to pay last minute!
  4. Spooky goings on

    Hope you like it.
  5. Playing without XP

    I can donate a rosto.
  6. Playing without XP

    At least you can mule some stuff. That doesn't get you any xp, right?
  7. New engine test 2

    Works fine with all settings. Max settings in 1280x1024 zoomed out - 60 FPS. Video card: GeForce 7600 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
  8. Adopt a newbie program started

    Grimble didn't show up for a week, so I started to search for another newbie to adopt. EDIT: chumba/Wesmania(mentor) signing up.
  9. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Instinct removal - MM silver spot.
  10. Adopt a newbie program started

    Grimble (if he shows up ingame again) and Wesmania (mentor) signing up.
  11. Depletable Resources Poll

    Voted No. The problem is, that all the skills that involve using the mixing window need harvestables - either directly like mixing essences, or indirectly like summoning. If harvestables get limited, alt-harvesting will be common as every harvest will be priceless. I won't be suprised if some people will try to trade between their alts to level up faster, forcing other players either to buy ingredients from such alt-harvesting players for very high price or to join the alt-harv competition. Also, if the recources get limited, their price will go up, and so will prices of the end products, like SRs and HEs. That might make training on mobs or even serping them non-profittable, and so the fighters will be forced to find another ways of making profit - as hauling will be no longer possible, they might be forced to harvest or even join the afk-harv society. Another thing worth considering are new players. They are not wealthy, and lose a lot of ingredients until they develop their skills enough to start making gc out of it. With prices of harvestables going sky high, they might be simply unable to even start, and they might hake their character a pure warrior - and warriors need HEs, SRs and armor, which need harvestables, which are limited and dominated by alt-harvers selling them for high prices.
  12. The Desert Pines ND Arenas Showdown

    Wesmania signing up as backup for up to 40 a/d arena.
  13. Adopt a newbie program started

    Wesmania (mentor) and SumProHabeo signing up.