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  1. Expiring bots

    Plata bot paid: Id. de transacción: 29E509232K2250358 Yulin_Old.
  2. Expiring bots (end of June)

    Albacea and Tasmani bots paid, Número de recibo: 9VK7953720415164D Yulin_Old.
  3. Expiring bots

    Plata paid: 82524866D40825351 Yulin_Old
  4. Expiring bots

    Payment for Albacea and Tasmani. El Id. de transacción de este pago es: 1MN91847M71659315.
  5. Expiringbots, November 2015

    Plata paid. Id. de transacción: 9VX188823R3638140 Yulin_Old
  6. Indicator of % book read not working

    Hi: I posted the same bug in this post: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60005 Maybe it can help you
  7. As you can see from this picture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1526842/EL/elscreen284.png research points of the book of Mare Bulangiu Fighting (70000) cannot be represented using the current interger variable (16 bits), so it overflows.
  8. In last reconstruction day,I begin to read the book of Mare Bulangiu Fighting and I have got this message: "You are researching Mare Bulangiu Fighting. Research points left:24304/70000". Research points in Encyclopedia (and EL wiki) are 65000, so that it must be corrected.
  9. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    Albacea paid: 4JJ81757Y70806741. Owners: Macal / Yulin_Old.
  10. Auction inorganic removal stone

    950kgcs Yulin_Old ingame.
  11. Storage clearing

    Hi Can you tell me the price of the "I glow in the dark removal", please? Yulin_Old.
  12. In the Ida double FC spawn you can walk into the wall (see the image for coordinates): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1526842/EL/elscreen355.png
  13. New perk ideas

    Forrest Gump 5 pps and 50kgcs When you use a potion of Speed hax you consume less food that habitually. Edit: Ingame name: Yulin_Old