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  1. Spikebigpapa banned for foul language in presence of mod

    More patronization from a clearly inferior intellect. If I were inclined to personalize, I would be insulted. MMO's belong to no one. Complex question are for the uneducated, unenlightened, and those like you suffering from either a lack of short term memory and inability to read for content. I made reference to the rules and admitted the infraction in the first post. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be a plethora of basic intellect around here. You have added to the evidence. Congradulations!
  2. Spikebigpapa banned for foul language in presence of mod

    What u lost couldn't have been too valuable since u just started blah blah...... Dude u have serious issues. This statement shows a blatant disregard of or complete and total lack of comprehension of time valuation and opportunity cost. The idea is that time was lost, compounded by the cost of reacquiring the items, multiplied by the loss of time spent potentially on normal logical progression activity. Actual game value and value to a player relative to his/her level are vastly different. You know how to bully and attempt to condescend with fallacious logic. Sanctions for in game behavior should happen instantly without discussion. The fact that your policy is one of "come grovel and we'll fix you" further serves to bolster my argument for the apparent need for ego-gratification. The whole idea behind MMO's and RPG's in general is the creation of an alter-ego. Hence, real life inadequacy issues shouldn't come into play, especially from staff. U expect prof. staff blah blah blah...... To answer your attempt at a complex question, commonly referred incorrectly to as rhetorical, in a word, yes. It is when most tempted to be non-professional that you must be as professional as possible. Apologies again for being noob to your system, but perhaps you should invest more time in programming a MOD figure readily distinguishable from player/characters/NPC, and less on developing your own character to suit your own needs. The legal term "conflict of interests" is the impetus behind most sites not allowing this behavior from the staff. From reading a few other "ban" posts, there is sufficient enough evidence to assume you favor some players over others and that this affects your use of MOD privileges. I wouldn't know too much about what transpires at WoW these days. I left maybe a year into the release. The signs were clear already where that "world" was heading. This debate could go back and forth. 6+ years in beta should be adequate time for any group of programmers to fix any glitches, make fundamental changes as a direct result of player feedback, and launch a commercial version of the game, especially in a language like C. Time spent on personal character development is not anything a MOD should be remotely involved in. The world is for the players NOT the MODs. In no other online game have I ever seen a MOD who looks exactly like a player character. I understand now why several players were supplicatory before you. Quite frankly it is wrong. Basically you should have some sense of obligation to keep your personal issues out of your work. Every post I read from you screams personalization, sarcasm, ego-gratification issues, condescension. This is not the stuff of building a happy customer base. Your team started with the ENTIRE PROGRAM. "from scratch"= from the very beginning, esp. w/o utilizing or relying on any previous assistance. LMFAO You, sir, represent everything I detest about the human species/consciousness: an inappropriate superiority complex based on condescension and the general degradation of your peers through the laughable means of fallacious arguments, general myopia and distortion of self-importance through rationalization, basic abuse of authority caused by the inability to ascend from the need for ego-appeasement. At the end of your reply, you requested propitiation in the form of an oath to observe the rules of the game. It is rather surprising, and somewhat rebarbative to find so loathsome a character as a lead element of such a wonderful concept. Do as you like with the account, just answer two questions not in the post but in your own cranium.... What events have transpired to allow me to rationalize fallacious patronization and condescension as acceptable methods of interaction with others? Do I have any real skills to aide this concept in it's evolution?
  3. Dear Dudes or Dudettes, Trust me on this okay...... u having an event that aggroes in non aggro territory and then the map is so crowded someone bag snatches is plenty of reason for a noob to say a few expletives. Considering that the event; having hard won gear destroyed, and having the rest of one's gear raped for something that shouldn't have happened in the first place, wiped out 10-15 hours of noob gaming, not to mention the opportunity cost of reacquiring, one might assume a negative reaction to the situation. An Analogy..... your boss hands you a paycheck equal to 75% your usual salary, yet you have already put in the hours. Might one react in a negative fashion? Might one feel cheated? Furthermore, in the passion of the moment, to send a harassing pm, clearly stated as against policy (although there is room for subjective interpretation as to the definition of harassment), to someone who said, "it happens" and was threatening and in no way represented himself in a professional manner (example.. "Hey Spike! I'm a mod for EL. What happened? Oh? Sorry. That wasn't supposed to happen. We have a review board for compensation.") would also seem to be understandable. If you want those who are offended by colorful language to have an option to avoid subjection, install a language filter that can be on or off. If the character in question had been killed during normal game-play I would have no reason to be upset. I had seen the "event" mob previously, and noticed that when the creature was disengaged from combat he seemed to wander and not engage in random combat, hence, not something to worry about or avoid. It is still a mystery to me exactly how the character was killed, and at the time it seemed quite random. I am an old-school gamer. I have previously been an integral part of the WoW and Dofus communities. I left WoW when membership levels got silly, and recently decided to leave Dofus, after several years and 4 servers, as the developers MASSIVELY restructured the game in the latest update instead of providing the much needed content for epic level characters. In my search for a possible replacement, EL was way out in front. Your game makes up for slow travel, an awkward interface, static hot-keys, and relatively poor graphics with an originality of character development concept unrivaled, sure to provide many hours of reasoning and implementation enjoyment. Since being banned, and subsequently discovering the "whitelist = pay 5 bucks to be unbanned" and this subsection of this forum it would seem that the staff that manages the game is more concerned with ego-centric appeasement activity and having a place to feel empowered than with actually improving the game itself. While I admit, creating a character named Raduisabeatch with the intention of continued harassment was certainly infantile. I was under the impression that "Radu" was some kind of hacker/programmer type, who had managed to crack the C codes enough to be able to mess with other players. Little did I know that the person behind the coldness and taunts was an EL staffer with "teh GOD" as his bio line. One rarely suspects people such as this to have any sense of humor. The chances of said Radu appreciating the gazelle like rapier whit of my nomination of he/she as "radouche" were slight indeed. An IP ban is a small matter to overcome to anyone who has more resources than a pre-pubescent/early teen minor living with their parents. So if I choose to start a new account how will you know? I reacted poorly to an amateur flaw in the game and a non-professional staffer. Apologies. Now that I have seen your staff at work I have a good idea why the game has never progressed in terms of market share or revenue. A word of advice Radu, read Information Theory by Jeremy Miller. It has the most concise, understandable explanation of the concept of entropy. Character name was Spikebigpapa.