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  1. Need a opinion

    Here we go, These are my screenys. sorry for taking so long. http://img32.imageshack.us/slideshow/playe...3357028ki9.smil Edit: Sorry but I dont know how to stop it from zooming in, smegging imageshack sucks >_<
  2. Need a opinion

    Been playing with the map editor recently and I need a opinion on weather im good at it or not, I decided to make a cave. (cause it sounded easy) im gonna try and put some screenys of it down. Not exactly sure how im going to put my screenshots in here though o_O
  3. New special day for c2!

    Aww, i thought it was a good idea :/
  4. There should be a new special day, maybe simply called "Leonard Flu" where leonard is sick and wont appear in c2 that day.
  5. Spike, you need to play EL for at least a couple weeks before you can say how much it blows
  6. Harvesting dung on test server

    Umm... maybe it was just random?
  7. Fluffy Rabbit

    Lmao That reminds me of when I first saw a fluffy XD
  8. Where's Radu?

    I found radu! XD