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  1. Mod can do what they want?

    I believe because you don't like wizzy's acting and "summons" you are not participing even in his invasions, right? or do you? will you cry-run to radu if his invasion mob kills you, that he is picking on you?
  2. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    ok, so all this is about burn cannot sell these with nice profit then fuck the essences prices for everybody so i have gc if i understand that well... only parts i would agree on is remove serp stone of wolfram bar , mixing merucry formula and (or) maybe rise price of spirit essences...
  3. Books Gerund does not want

    would be also nice if npc was buying "newer" books for example for eng, tailoring etc...
  4. EXP Bonus after the kill

    well, that way i would maybe train at least on tzu
  5. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Lol, the game got like 50? 100 ? players and u keep locking even their alts? servers wouldn't handle them? In my point of view they are not breaking the rules with it, they just check map what the neno is on, but still need to hunt him, track him and if it teles it is pain in ass looks on newly added maps (which are crap to hunt it on like irinveron...srsly?...) if he runs u can even track him couple of hours w/o finding... Make him he won't tele under 1 or 2k hp and i guess they won't use so many alts... Also maybe if you updated EL ency , there wouldn't be so many troubles about these invented rules based on your mood, +Only difference i see between them killing neno (and camping on spawn) and stivy's alts (camping on spawn) that you have $$ from stivy killing players and make them losing brick ++Neno wasn't meant to be killed by 2 people and so wasn't instance meant to be farmed by 1 person (for example Finesse and his 7 or maybe more alts)
  6. ~

    to refresh topic... here u can also see what kind of person finesse is...
  7. Christmas contests :)

    thx for contest
  8. Ranging fix

    could be just bound to bow?... example with short,long,recurve you won't make mobs flee and w/ elves you do?... sometimes it is usefull...
  9. 1) i doubt you would send money to somebody you don't know via western union, which susje requests 2) if u r such good trader and searched the bot with lowest price, u would search unofficial and found out there are people selling for way better rates 3) if i was new player, and saw flaming in susje's topics he is scammer etc, i wouldn't buy of him anyway...
  10. efe...fire arrows

    ye and what about badaran ings cost 300k and dropping shit? it is same example... there won't be anything changed...
  11. am from czech rep and cannot login last 10h didn't check before
  12. let's buy eternal lands and make maxine THE GOD!
  13. Why do you think yo ucannot contact every player for feedback? there are like 50 players...
  14. I don't know susje, but even in 1st topic i see many nice ideas and more comes over reading other topics... i doubt maxine sent him these ideas in 1 day and what from these happends? You can see on your own...
  15. No worry, even web pages are not updated and you wanna get updates in game... "The game has alot of stuff to be implemented ofc, but hey...it demands time and effort of all develop team and radu" in my opinion there could be some real change in like... 5 years? is that long enough?