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  1. GODz

    Thanks For everything GODz!!!!! I'll Miss you all, about DEAD and LION its true,(not feet kisser) but Fighting you its always fun and you're strong ^^ DEAD is already dead but, the on bad thing is that with GODz and wWw not working as a pk guild, Who will Lion fight? D: interesting true story!!!! Farewell my friends have a nice time I wish you the best for all of you. PD: Tyra and Infa still waiting for my plane ticket and Wedding invitation :< TigerClaw LEARN TO TYPE!!! kkgo!! Its Neutral not NUETRAL!! also Pker/Ranger in my name pl0x !!! ^^ bye to you to TC!
  2. PK Goddess of EL

    I vote for Tyrannis because she for fact is a pk godess(I think we wont have no one as good as her in EL in a long time) She has showed her pk skills and own alot of people. Also I wish GODz the best, and TYrannis and Infamous you better send me my wedding invitation with my plane ticket kkgo!!! Farewell my friends.
  3. Selling Thermal Serpent Sword

    As the Topic says. I am selling Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal. Post your prices here 600kgc+ Thanks ^^
  4. Selling Some Books.

  5. GodZ spawn serper

    I dont have my free stuffs yet!!!!!
  6. GodZ spawn serper

    May I have phree stuffs? pl0x
  7. wrong name for mixing window

    But by understanding the meaning as Paul already post make people understand why is called manufature.
  8. Storage Sale

    I buy Mirror Cloak pm me Wolverine
  9. pro instances

    He only say to remove MM removals not increase other drops, I dont want to argue too cause its pointless. So I think its a good idea and maybe put it somewhere else like really rare invasion mob so the OMG PRICE like you guys say increase a little bit since I see you like too pay alot for the things . So Ill really like if mm is removed as Instance drop. NOT increasing other drops.
  10. GODz Siggy Shop.

    Thanks newbie, now i want my cheap siggy from AMAR
  11. Cleaning my Sto!

    Selling 2244 Tree Mushroom-offer sold 660 White chanterelle-offer sold 5 red snake skin-offer sold 45 bear fur-17gc each sold 37 Wolf Fur-4gc eac sold 2 green snake sking-offer sold 20 deer antlers-offer sold 69 deer fur-offer sold 12 fox fur-offer sold 723 raw meat-4.5gc each sold 29 Puma fur-offer sold 45 brown rabbit fur-offer sold 91 polised emeralds-offer sold 106 Turqoise-offer 707 bones-2.5gc each
  12. Korrode's Combat Guides

    I used that guide to on Pablo's char, So I do recommend it. and sucks not having you arround Korrode!
  13. NMT idea

    Make NMT removal plox and Ill be happy with that, according to astrology thing what happen with those that are skeptic?
  14. Selling Storage

    Yes for rasool and akhmanen