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  1. Global Quest FAQ

    donated 45 bd scales to npc this morning.
  2. Was reading through some old suggestions and came across this post by Hussam Not really. New players want one time quests that give a full level. They want satisfaction at their current level. Best way to keep new players is to come up with things that give them the same sense of achievement that high level people get. For example, in 30s and 40s a/d invasions, add a very easy monster with 6K HP that only has 30 a/d. New players will feel pr0 when they kill it in a group and they will be more motivated to stay. They will use HE/SRs, etc.. and there's your gold sink. If you haven't noticed, new players are not interested in 3x school days, invances, etc.. They do haidir daily because the satisfaction of completing a quest task makes them feel pr0. Edit: BTW, I personally have nothing against your suggestion since everyone is entitled to their opinions and suggestions But I think what you are asking for is something we already too much of and your targeted audience (new players) are unlikely to be interested. I think if we found a nice desolate cave on c1 to put it in and made it so people over a certain a/d couldn't attack it new players could have fun with it.
  3. Mother nature hates me

    I think it's because none of us actually know ive checked this thread several times but honestly have no clue.
  4. Buying IDA set

  5. Gold for advertising

    How does someone els working less make it so you have to work harder then you already work to get the same thing? I'm not sure if its just my perspective or if its actually working already but I have been working with and seeing more new players in the game then in a long time.... So something's working in my opinion I have noticed several new players aswell while harvesting some flowers in votd and have offered them a helping hand. Hopefully they stick around.
  6. Selling Steel set

  7. A few questions:

    Use the @ symbol to talk in newbie help channel and I get the jittery screen sometimes try opening your options window(Farthest to the right on the bottom) in game and turning poor man on(It's in the troubleshoot tab on the very bottom.) As for your problem with the quest I am not sure.
  8. Australians - Electronic Freedom Project

    Good job Aussies.
  9. Making a char that I plan to do nothing but range on.

    I know of people with under 20 ranging that have killed dragons, but with max AP and profited from it, but maxing AP is going to be the hard part.
  10. Making a char that I plan to do nothing but range on.

    I suppose I should edit first post, but I want to level ranging to 30s then train by farming dragons.
  11. So I want to make a char just for ranging and some mixing. What should I spend my pp's on and any other perks besides EH and WH? My goal is to farm dragons for lots of cash recommended level for this without max AP?
  12. Tips and Tricks

    What is the recommended range level for drags? Also good equipment?
  13. New PK account payment method

    Anyone know if this is still a valid payment option?