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  1. NMT idea

    Did you offer up an explanation as to how and why it would make the economy fail? Because you certainly haven't in that post, and if there is one reason for post deletion i can agree with, it's deletion of "omfg this is just ebul and bad" style posts, with no details of the "why"/"how". I explained it in former post. And it was deleted cus i was dissagree.
  2. NMT idea

    Why u deleted my post? Wth? If we CANT have own opinion how we can do any posts? Someone deleted my post cus i was DISSAGREE with God? I dont understand it. This game is for players. For ALL players not for that one who agree with Entropy. Like i said. I dissagree cus it will make economy falling. Ty.
  3. Nice set :>

  4. Nice set :>

    Hiya all. I have 1 bronze set for sell. Bronze plate mail, bronze greaves, bronze cuisses and bronze shield (i dont have helm). I want trade it for titanium set with titanium shield. Or i want to sell it Start at 120kgc Increments 5kgc Buy it now 180kgc My nick in game is Matthew Enjoy all