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  1. Selling Magic Essence Materials

    9.5k Emeralds 12.5k Impatiens 12.5k Lilacs Leave Offers and what not
  2. Leveling

    What items do you make to level engineering?
  3. Numerous books for sale

    I'll take a potion of summoning Dabomb1 ingame
  4. Storage Sale

    List Updated
  5. Sage's Harvesting

    Deadhand, I would appreciate if you would contact me soon, through gossip or the forums
  6. Sage's Harvesting

    I'm gonna work on catching these orders up now, please stay off of ordering for a little while
  7. Sage's Harvesting

    Sorry, not really interested in doing anything not on this list. I either don't have the knowledge, the skill, or the special items required if they are not up here.
  8. Sage's Harvesting

    Just started playing again and decided to reopen my Harvestin Shop. I will take a maximum of 5 orders at a time. I want to attempt to keep waiting times as short as possible and don't want people getting mad at me for orders taking too long. There will be a maximum of 5k total harvestables per order, in any combination of harvestables. Just post with quanity, item, and ingame name to place an order. Ores Iron 3.5gc Silver 2.0gc Gold 3.0gc Titanium 2.5gc Minerals All Quartz 2.0gc Sulfur 2.0gc Coal 2.0gc Sapphires 3.2gc Emeralds 3.0gc Rubies 3.0gc Diamonds 3.2gc Flowers Cotton 1.0gc Working On 1. 5k Diamonds (Kadlub) Waiting List 1. 5k Coal (Deadhand) 2. 3. 4. 5. Completed 1. 5k Coal (Deadhand) 2. 3. 4. 5.
  9. Storage Sale

    Someone else asked for the SR's already in game, I will contact you both with the other stuff however when I can get on my other computer (probobly 1 hour or so)
  10. Storage Sale

    220 Nightshades Iron Cuisses (Reserved by awhlrgreat) Iron Greaves (Reserved by awhlrgreat) Iron Plate Mail (Reserved by awhlrgreat) Steel Shield Titanium Chain Mail Iron Helm 3171 Matter Essence (Reserved by Bugabear) 854 Magic Essence 1 Enriched Water Essence 243 Health Essence 576 Potion Of Spirt Restoration 23 Beaver Fur 150 Rat Tails 23 Raw Meat 2 Binding Stones 228 Titanium Ore 208 Iron Ore Haven't played for a while so don't know how to set prices...Just leave offers on whatever you want. Ingame Name is dabomb1