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  1. Any chance?

    Any chance for a unban?
  2. Permanent?

    Permanent it is then? ~ L_P
  3. Permanent?

  4. Permanent?

    Just Think about it, please
  5. Permanent?

    Im posting on my own forum acount. Im just requesting a unban on my acount only. ~ L_P And i havent Got a benefit for helping anyone so far
  6. Permanent?

    And i hope you consider unbanning
  7. Permanent?

    Really thats what you think?First of all im not like you mention it having a "complete disregard" to the game or to everyone In it. I enjoyed every min of the time spend on the game mostly because of the community. Ive been one of the few In the range 80-100 to Call up for teams to invances/instances/invasions so there would be a little team play with the community. Im pretty sure i havnet been a "complete disregard" to anyone in fact ive helped those who afsked for my help - you're welcome to name me one of the "everyone". So Thanks for your reply.
  8. Permanent?

    Sorry for what happened. Guilty as possible... but is the Ban permanent ? ~ L_P
  9. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Ill say keep it as it is. But i like the idea of extra bonus for the gatekeeper. An additional bonus.
  10. IP is banned

    Allright Thank you Aislinn
  11. IP is banned

  12. IP is banned

    Then i World request a whitelist if possible. And do not Worry there Will be no trouble about that. And just let the ip stay banned then.
  13. IP is banned

  14. IP is banned

    Hey. My account Lucky_Paladin is not banned, but my IP address is. I know why it is and i had nothing to do with it. So i would like to ask if it is possible to "unban" me? ~L_P
  15. Pr0 instancers farming to much...

    "After hard work comes reward" Or 5 mins of $$ tranfear =p There the pr0est answer oh and tokens are geting cheap because of all the invasion coming... I doubt the n00b and advanced who can get tanks are geting the same amout as the pr0 instance drops. There isint that many "def whores" if you look, ill doubt there is more than 10.