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    Why am I banned from the only game that
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    Why am I banned from the only game that matters to me?
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    Why am I banned from the only game that

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    Sparta, Greece
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    Annoying bitches like LabRat, Aislinn, knarfie, and Tiny.
  1. This is getting ridiculous

    <I have not checked my account in a long time, so I'm sorry if my reactions look delayed> "Listen to me, ye mighty, and despair" for I have a solution 1. I am unbanned and unlocked. 2. I am banned if the trouble continues (which it won't, I assure you) No, this does not disadvantage anyone. No, this will not ruin Eternal Lands. Unlock Leonidas1 is all I ask. How can you object to this?
  2. Banned for Unknown Reason

    Just tell me why, Aislinn. And while I'm waiting for an answer, I'll be contributing to http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Eternal_Lands
  3. Banned for Unknown Reason

    All right, I'm tired of being polite. Why don't you just unlock my IP and Leonidas1? If you delete my brother's character, that is fine (or at least with me!) Ineedhelp is also not needed anymore. Rest assured that no more trouble will come from Leonidas. If my brother comes back, though, I can't promise anything. (How about a perma-mute for him?)
  4. Banned for Unknown Reason

    PLEASE, I will never spam again! And I'm serious! If there is anything I can do to prove that I am not Pendragon1, then I'll gladly do it! If you don't believe me, and you reply with a sarcastic comment, I really will be disappointed. But whatever you, at least unlock my brother's character. Thank you.
  5. Banned for Unknown Reason

    Well, obviously somebody extended the ban. I wrote this post a month ago, right? Somebody please help me.
  6. Banned for Unknown Reason

    All right, I waited a month. Now will someone please un-ban us?
  7. Banned for Unknown Reason

    Let me explain: Pendragon1 is my brother. I'll ask him to delete his account if you want. Morto lasted a few seconds because Annatira wanted to prevent confusion(it was my first time, so I did not know about the EL gods). Ineedhelp was only to figure out why I was banned. It was unsuccessful, so I deleted him. Those other characters I honestly never heard of. As far as I know, BTW, there is no Pendragon2. If I was spamming-I really do apologise. I'll make sure it won't happen again. My brother's actions are not responsibility, so stop talking about Pendragon1.
  8. Banned for Unknown Reason

    My game character is Leonidas1. I seem to be IP banned. I have no idea who banned me, and even worse, I don't know WHY I was banned. If it was for spamming, then I really do apologize. Note that I am the brother of the owner of Pendragon1. I myself own only one character.