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  1. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    Im sorry to tell, but this multiplaying allow its just becauce we dont see much new players ever. and this is a way to keep our current players playng with "no restrictions" on a/d training. Control the harvest is one issue, but the a/d (pvp training)? What can be done about this? If multiplay were allowed, the multi training is allowed also...
  2. Armor seller.

    Brave ones, I bring today my last work 1000 Augmented Leater Pants. Ideal for trainers and bot owners Fixed price 120gcs Each Post here our order or sendme a Gossip
  3. Area boss's

    I´m here again, this time i tell about areas, and my suggestions call the areas on the world, we can found in some places one of bosses (like 10k HP Wolf or 5k Puma). This monster got a feature of not alloy fleeing (to no be a training monster). he can get a link to new quests with his drops. Some betther drops like more Gc or stones.. Time to give a new face to monster hunts. Think about it
  4. Selling / Trading

    Selling: 1k steel bars 1 EFE 1 MM cape Total 64kgcs Accept trade for 1 CoL (main objective)
  5. S2Es - selling site!

    Selling today 15 S2Es - 950 Each First reply takes
  6. Manufacture itens.

    Current shop status: Working on Deadhead's order os S2Es Working on Dragoneti Order of Steel chains Working on flexus order of S2Es After these deliver, shop closed for resuplying. Ill post when open again. Thanks -
  7. Manufacture itens.

    Order closed, Delivered. Thanks
  8. Manufacture itens.

    Order Closed, Delivered. Thanks.
  9. ELG Harvest Shop

    hi, i like to order 2,5k iron ore and 2,5k coal (im waiting the gossip/forum/pm for confirmation.) Thanks Kal EL
  10. Manufacture itens.

    Order Closed, delivered. Thanks Kal EL
  11. Manufacture itens.

    Order Closed, Delivered. Thanks Kal EL
  12. Manufacture itens.

    3/3 orders delivered 60 S2Es - Thanks Kal
  13. Manufacture itens.

    Order closed, delivered. Thanks Kal_EL Order closed, delivered. Thanks Kal_EL
  14. Manufacture itens.

    Order closed, delivered. Thanks Kal_EL
  15. Manufacture itens.

    Order closed, delivered. Thanks Kal_EL