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  1. Remove the + from Channel

    iirc, default channel can be set by #jc <channel no.> Also, you could send msges to channels with @@<number> <msg>.
  2. Destruction Bolts

    O_o You mean people can be invis with ninja tunic and brod you in safety? -_-'
  3. 1.9.0 Win32 final

    sorry ...but....I think the 3D marker is still oddd looking? (it's on top of hte channel text? or is the tranparency messing with my eyes?) don't kill me pl0x
  4. 1.9.0 Win32 final

    is it normal for the 3D map markers' text to be on the top layer of the screen? (i see the 3D marker text on top of channel text, on top of objects......) note the Sunflower marker in the background....
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k Coal @2.2ea pls Total: 44kgc - Eadric
  6. Animation for casting spells

    On a side note...does that mean mages can't double harm anymore? (if they have to wait for the casting animation to end before casting another spell, for eg.) But in general, yes, I think it would be a good addition.
  7. New spells for "polymorphing"

    Hmm....Would be quite neat to be able to polymorph into different creatures I suppose...maybe you can think and put up any probable details of the idea? (expand on it, levels, skills needed, reagents? sigils maybe? time limit?) Maybe if you expand your idea in a bit more detail people would be more inclined to look into the idea Note though, using magic spells for polymorph might be a disaster - you might need high magic level with alot of mana to polymorph into something (coupled with alot of reagents)..and only last for 10~20secs.....
  8. Update 190 preliminary test

    Roja: yup, set 'em to 4096 and everything looked better..but some parts still had that kind of effect though..didn't take a screenie, have to wait for the time of the day to try to capture a screenshot
  9. Update 190 preliminary test

    Saw this today on Mt Sorrow logged on test server and was the same
  10. I don't know if you know this yet, but isn't there a quest that allows you to buy 15wine @ 20gc when you complete it? That makes 1.33gc per wine....(which is better than trading 5 fruits/blueberries and 1 gc per wine, imo). I think Potions grinding isn't really expensive if you know which ones to grind....but it's exhaustive i agree edit: it's 20 wine for 15gc. 0.75gc per wine.
  11. Mage Robe Pants

    The Mage Robe Pants gives 50 mana instead of 60 mana. -E-
  12. Harvester medallion

    Cavern and radon can be eliminated completely by armor...so..i guess it's about the same? ^^
  13. I think it's good idea, freeing up rare stones is always a good thing...though I'm not too sure if the price will drop back to the usual 5~6k ea.
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Eadric - 50k sulfur, (110kgc) ty
  15. Buying 4k steel bars

    Hi all, as with topic, I'm offering 100,000gc for 2,000 steel bars You can also pm me in game (Eadric) Thank You.