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  1. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    Expecting instance invitation as tank before I go higher. Just a few levels left. I will bring my rapier.
  2. Starting over.

    This situation of people that I cannot ever never ever catch up motivated me to start to play other free game where top level is limited, and reachable in 3 months (hard work), so I was able to compare my skills with players with great exp. and win them, showing that their experience is nothing. I got picture of new guy in EL starts, and after 30 OA ask himself: "Do I need this?" and transfer somewhere else. This make me sad cos I really love EL.
  3. Why have people become so unfriendly in EL ?

    I think many people find out that EL is not providing fun anymore. I am rarely playing EL now, too. I found another free game that has Linux client as well, so no more harvesting for me, just adventures and group battles against other realms. I decide to do hard work at work, and to have fun when playing.
  4. Save the Instance

    Would be nice to make instance entering easier, i would like to go but cannot find decent party.
  5. Group quest would be nice, too.
  6. One character per person at a time

    And, maybe this is a little bit off this topic, but: would it be more interesting to make this "inflation" and "money" and "RL money" discussion behind by making players hands more busy. Not allowing them to take care of more then 1 character at time. (my idea is by offering them more activities like instances, but on everyday base, adjusted for any level or any number of players, displaying stats in public for fame and for glory. and for people who want to make money of EL by spending boring hours in sitting and harvesting, let them be, i think this kind of game should be more of adventure, magic, fighting and quest than digging, so improve that. And when players are busy, they don't have time for digging. Only for stuff they realy need.)
  7. One character per person at a time

    OMG, I tought it was already forbidden... Shame on you people with alts!
  8. EL dreams?

    Can't remember any dream except all night draining mana from grizzly bear:)
  9. noob instance team building

    All interested are invited to join our party for noob instance. Join channel 2012 between 7PM and 10PM CET (GMT +1) for more details. (looking for strong and experienced players:)
  10. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Punti means points, but also means stitches, too
  11. Manufacturing strike!

    Agree!! And don't forget experience you get producing it.
  12. 60-80 instance tactics

    Nice overview;) (but, i would like to hear some suggestions from few magic people, too)
  13. 60-80 instance tactics

    So, please give some tactic advices for Noob instance (how many stuff to carry, how many rangers, how many rostos etc.) Regards,
  14. 60-80 instance team building

    Good idea! But that way we would have less attack power, so victim will be alive longer.