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  1. New creatures

    I'm extremely excited by the possibility of this. I also think it would be cool to get a couple more chims in the game...the ACW model is one of my favorite in the game, i think it would be neat to get like an ACW mini boss. New mobs of any kind are extremely exciting though, definitely increase my desire to play and I enjoy farming the to see what the new loot table is. 10/10 would enjoy new mobs
  2. Buying serp stone and 600 ti bars

    Buying 1 serpant stone- negotiable price buying 600-700 ti bars, negotiable price per bar pm me in game, vidius, or leave me a message thanks
  3. Auction: Scythe

  4. Auction: Scythe

    30k, vidius in game ty
  5. Buying polished...

    Would like to buy 1k polished rubies, if you see this and have them laying around i'll take them 23gc per.
  6. Big Binding Sale

    All sold, ty all
  7. Big Binding Sale

    Amar's bid on all 54 has been tentively removed. So atm it looks like we have 32 left for sale .
  8. Big Binding Sale

    This black friday, to participate in Radu's awesome raffle as well as help out the manu'ers and other people who need bindings i am going to be selling quite a few of them, up to 54. Bindings atm can go for 13kgc each to bots. I understand that no one probably needs 54 bindings so i will gladly sell smaller amounts than just the entire 54. Please state the number of bindings you would like to bid on then your offer in your post. You may post here or pm me in game (ign vidius). Starting auction 12k per binding stone. Auction ends when all the bindings have been sold. I reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time and to sell to the highest bidder, although friends and ally guilds will always be considered . Auction won't end till tomorrow night (work all day )
  9. Sto Sale

    In game name vidius , sorry i didn't post here
  10. Sto Sale

    Selling few things, pm me in game or post here. Willing to trade for essies pm me in game for trades. -TI SET(greaves, cuisses, plate).- starting bid 150k, bin 160. -TI shield- starting bid 28k, bin 30k -orc slayer starting bid 28k, bin 30k Night visor starting bid 60k, bin 75k -Cape of the unbreakable Bin 6.5k -MM CAPE starting bid 8k, bin 11k -120 fire arrows starting bid 6k, bin 7k -1k fe's 3.5kgc -1k sr's 14.5kgc -200 br's 3k gc [u]Flowers(.5 per for all)[/u] -2500 cotton -1800 Tiger lily -1500 sunflower -1700 impatiens -1000 lilacs.
  11. Nmt, Iron Set, ele

    all sold ty
  12. Nmt, Iron Set, ele

    iron set sold
  13. Nmt, Iron Set, ele

    Just selling a few things also buying a few. here's the list NMT cape- starting at 335: Bin at 348. Iron Set: Starting at 25k: Bin at 30k. ELE 5k or trading for 1k le. BUYING: Elven Bow (negotiable). Night Visor (negotiable). 10k Sunflowers Feel free to post here. Or pm me in game. Auction will end sometime this week hopefully sooner rather than later
  14. NMT idea

    Ah i see what your saying, yeah probably would have unknown affects. Overall though i think i would still vote yes if a poll was offered.
  15. NMT idea

    If a cape to alter accuracy armor by the amount the degraded nmt does would that solve the problem ray? What? I was saying what I said to be consistent with the other capes. fr, mm, exc, bp, mirror, etc that give some benefits only give those benefits, are different in color and have slight variance in emu. Yeah thats what i'm saying. I'm picturing the Degraded nmt cape similar to the NMW cape; a combination of nmt + another cape. If an entirely seperate cape, such as as "cape of protection" was made, that gave +armor +accuracy wouldn't that balance it out? I could just be crazy, it is late here