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  1. Storage Sale - Mostly Summoning Stuff.

    Steel greaves 25.5k Steel cuisses 32k 60 Leopard fur 1k 90 Puma Fur 1k 200 Racoon fur 3.5k 160 Black panther fur 4k 125 Tiger fur 3k 60 Bear Fur 1.2k 170 Polar Bear Fur 800gc 200 Skunk fur 4.5k 70 Feran Horn 1.3k 150 Brown Snake Skin 2.5k 41 Snow Leopard fur 1k total 81.3k pm me ingame Jakie
  2. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    Agree Agree Agree
  3. Auction Red Dragon Set

    hmm useless offers price increase atleast 10k from now pls
  4. buying - selling

    Buying: 3 Mirror Capes 3 Capes of Unbreakable 100 Bear summon Stones 5k Energy Ess 1k Matter Ess 1k Spirit Ess Selling: Red Dragon Armor Set 200+ Cockatrice Feathers Post here if u want/wanna sell something...
  5. YAY! Summoning 100

    Very Very Very nice Blodoks Congrats :icon13:
  6. Auction Red Dragon Set

    Auctioning Red Dragon Armor Set: Red Dragon Greaves Red Dragon Cuisses Red Dragon Mail Post offers here If i dont like the best offer i won't sell. HAPPY BIDDING!!
  7. Price of Great Swords Dropped ?

    that is when u keep the Cutlass.... if u sell it, the exp costs around the same as the leather helmets, plus u can make a special.
  8. Guess the movie

    prolly just a trick cuz he knows you will check the link and you fall for it lol
  9. Netherlands / Holland

  10. Moon meds :>

    skills? u got skills? lol, u think ur so great..
  11. Man (player) eating leopard

    nice idea, sounds fun
  12. Moon meds :>

    why post everytime u make something? need attention?
  13. Thermal serp for sale

    he always does retard offers just ignore him
  14. Enriched essences and binding stoens from shop

    Dont forget drops/ NPC. There are already tit longs/chain in the game (alot). so its really not only iron/steel.