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  1. awesome Germans !

    http://kaito.50gigs.net/ Lockerz Invites ! Not a Scam ,register !
  2. Polska - Poland

    zaproszenia lockerz.com http://www.jaackers.50gigs.net/
  3. 150 k iron ore for sale

    All sold
  4. 150 k iron ore for sale

    Selling 150 k iron ore for 3,5 gc ea . Pm me ingame Nezgat 50 k iron sold ;D
  5. El crash at start

    [17:26:02] Error: Server profile not found in servers.lst for server: Lands\el.exe". Failover to server: main. [17:26:02] Using the server profile: main [17:26:02] Window size adjusted to 1018x706 [17:26:02] GL_ARB_multitexture extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_point_sprite extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_texture_compression extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_shadow extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_EXT_draw_range_elements extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_fragment_program extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_vertex_program extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_fragment_shader extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_vertex_shader extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_shader_objects extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_shading_language_100 extension found, using it. [17:26:02] GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat extension found, NOT using it... [17:26:02] GL_ARB_texture_rectangle extension found, NOT using it... [17:26:02] GL_EXT_fog_coord extension found, NOT using it... [17:26:02] Couldn't find the GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc extension, not using it... [17:26:02] GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc extension found, using it. [17:26:08] Error opening sound configuration file PC: Athlon 64 3 GHZ Memory 512 graphic Card GF 8500 gt 256 ddr2 Windows Xp prof , SP 3 i think ? OK nvm , running ok . PRob Fixed ;]
  6. Selling Summ Ingri

    For sale 40 k LE 8 k Srs 2 k Tiger furs Pm me ingame Showdown or leave message
  7. Ip banned ?

    Hi i want ask why my ip has been banned ? i want add that i have dynamic ip
  8. Big Lags

    nvm bought proxy ..
  9. Big Lags

    After the loading screen and before the login screen, the list of this shows this: "couldn't find the GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc extention, not using it" Whats that ? maybe of this i have biiigg lags ?
  10. Big Lags

    Heh Then funny thing is I was playing on Client 1.6.0 using integrated Motherboard card ( radeon x200 ) and 256 mb ram - ping was not bad , i was able to play. After Update to client 1.7.0 bought new card (Gfx 8500 gt ) . and the problem with ping started ;/ I tested card with new drivers and with old drivers -no result ;/. Ye i know that Learner proxy is good for me beacuse i was playing year ago but im without cash sorry
  11. Big Lags

    System is brandly fresh ;D ( 0 spyware , trojan horse , worms etc.. ). My Antywirus is AVG ( everything there unlocked ) I have defragmented 2 days ago Disc . I would that i was playing on holidays 2008 using Learner proxy and it was good , but now when im without money and my char ... what i can do ? No idea why is working like that ;/
  12. Big Lags

    Hello everybody Im getting very big lags ( smth like 2 k ) , cant play ( when i have luck somtimes 200 ms ^ ). My Pc: AMD athlon 64 3000mhz ( 1,8 Ghz) Motherboard ECS RS480 Graphic Card: Asus Geforce 8500 Gt 512 Memory: 768 System: WinXp Internet Connection: 680~kbs Ping- between 133-200ms Upload-68 kbs Ingames ( with all effects on ): 55-60 fps , UVP:1 Firewall turned Off Can anyone help me ;/ ?
  13. Kaito has been stolen

    Gosh Radu , now i have different IP - Here in israel im only 3 days ( im here for winter holidays) gotta static IP ( but this accident didnt happen when i was here). In poland i have dynamic Ip.( 6 th january i was in Poland , 7 th jan. gone to isreal - if u dont believe me i can even send u copy of ticket ). IN march i started playing on Kaito ( i bought from my friend ) and from march to january was 1 password ( i wasnt changing ). I dont understand why u didnt banned this men who is playing my char ;/ ? ( im on 90 % sure whos that). Now is everything clear for u ?? or u need more details
  14. Kaito has been stolen

    Ok i will make a lil clear here. 6th January( monday ) my guildmate told me that someone is using kaito .- That is 100 % sure Whole December i wasnt playing ( maybe 1 day or 2 ? before xmas ).
  15. EL avatars

    Great Work ! i Love yeti