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  1. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    well really making your own supplies except for armors cuts your expense massively. so that 11k from yetis is 11 k and not 7k... so you don't have to kill as many yetis for the same amount. i don't see what the big deal is it only takes a few hrs a week. srs cost 7gc but sell for 14-15 gc... do the math with the expense thing. you are paying more for buying GC and serping.
  2. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    i think increasing gc drops would only be very short term solution. it would probably end up only making inflation worse. you want higher gc value so you have to do less to get it. more serping means more gc entering the game which needs more sinks. best thing to do is make your own HEs and SRs... it'd prob be better to argue more for lower break rates and cheaper rare ings.
  3. Another Leprechaun thing

    hello.... gargoyles? invasions? the goblin in portland? my newb character got his augmented armor ripped apart by a little brown rabbit. this is nothing. there was an ice dragon in VOTD once that was pretty cool. in fact if i were new character this would score many cool points with me.
  4. what if leprechauns dropped occasionally leprechaun skulls that you could make a necklace out of that would be like +4 def +2acc or something else but the leprechaun has a slight chance to resurrect as a sslesar. i looked for leprechauns resurrecting as sslesars and couldn't find anything nor did leprechaun skulls. i think this would be exciting.
  5. Ozmondius the serper

    this usually means no. so he got his answer.
  6. Magic Trainer

    judging by how much that alch store thread is backed up and that if you harv your own quartz etc an SR costs 7gc to make...i think they'll be ok. alright that comparison.... i don't think that justifies the 18k cost difference. 'nice places' are pretty subjective. .
  7. Magic Trainer

    some of whom are gc sellers no? if you were doing that your main is a potter and you use alts to harv and sell gold.... you are practically selling the same gold over and over. like i said if that's your game.... it'd be a good one. anyway whatever magic needs something. it takes me about 15 min to get 10k alch xp and it takes me 1 hr of getting the crap beat out of me on armed fem orcs to get 5kxp and getting the crap beat out of you is the crappiest most expensive way to level magic. it's much better to save your SRs for magic immunity. the training vs magic thing is super messed up imo. also i was wrong about the 5k per level it's 12 k per level around LD and MI because it jumped up. anyway i don't think anything can kill the SR market... i bought 500 today and i am totally off using SRs to level magic. i am just going to walk around and harv skeletons and cast MI whenever i get 30 mana
  8. Magic Trainer

    unlike everything else in this game. as if you can't just money your magic up anyway. i just think it's a waste to walk around getting resources just to cast the same spell over and over again. i feel like i am wasting SR potions. and this colossal waste is mandatory because you can't do anything in this game without 49 magic.
  9. Magic Trainer

    it'd be pretty awesome for the economy. as is if you buy gc from seller then buy mana pots and esses the money doesn't really leave the game. in some cases prob goes right back to the seller who is less likely to sink it. if that's his game.
  10. Magic Trainer

    what about NPC that gives xp for money at double the price of leveling magic with esses and mana pots? i searched for this and couldn't find. at my magic level i've guestimated it takes approx 5k per level. assuming mana pots and esses what if it were 10k per level up to mana drain? upside: bigger money sink and faster downside probably very money player pker friendly i admit i am not money player but would try to get at least a few magic levels this way.
  11. progressive taxation

    actually i'd have to go serp some trolls. i just paid 100k for Hos. and have some rostos.
  12. progressive taxation

    it's a money sink... targeting large pools of cash. this is how you reduce inflation. yeah everyone would have tons of rare ings not enough gc to cover and have to go serp trolls specifically to bring in more gc... not drops just gc.... you got me there! people would just go serp more to have it taxed more. you've exposed the fatal flaw. they would double their serping out put just so they could pay twice as much tax. well it appears these troll serping rare ing horders without any money just cannot be stopped! we are so f'ed.
  13. i say yes but they should be like comparable in xp to grinding. it seems like the trend in these mmorpgs is make the quests totally not worth it. figuring out puzzles and junk is fun... but also get stuff to make the effort worth it and not just pointless walking around or bring me five rat tails.
  14. Cost of death poll... what are you willing to risk?

    being small character i am all for no drop. this is better than being smacked around buy bigger character that has just frying pan and losing my junk. i also wish there were more i guess nexus limited realms to fight in so you could get some normal no hassle fighting in. as opposed to having to wait a whole year or whatever to even consider it.
  15. progressive taxation

    ok you get a tax credit for purchases not the individual stones. so if you bought rostos and sold them you get x credit. plan to buy it before tax day. keep in mind the NMT could possibly be cheaper tough call though. gc would be deducted from storage. if you had a bunch of rare ings and not enough to cover then you have period of time to pay or sto get's locked and you have to serp trolls or something to pay it.