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  1. Harry Potter book come out in 7-16-05

    It is a shame to see it getting worse though when, theoretically, as a writer she is getting more practice in. As I said before, I don't rate this book, I've read it through twice (yes, I read fast) and my overall opinion that it is readable, but not anything special. However, if they get people (children or adults) into reading books, then that's all to the good.
  2. Harry Potter book come out in 7-16-05

    thanks I'm still here, just being quiet most of the time. Some things just have to be commented on - and books are one of them *looks for a bookworm smilie in the new selection, doesn't see one, so decides to be a pirate instead*
  3. Harry Potter book come out in 7-16-05

    Got it. Finished it. Didn't rate it. Felt very clumsy to me & way to much like filler for the series, rather than a book in its own right. Will keep quiet now & wait for the flames to start. *Quietly runs away to hide*
  4. listen to me.

    Never had any problems with you Captain Smile, so you get my vote for a second chance. As has been said already by wiser people than me, everyone deserves a second chance.
  5. How many games do you play?

    Ooooo - you're missing out, there's some excellent games out there Any single-player versions? Let me have a look, there's bound to be some... It's just a case of finding them
  6. Political Party

    Ditto. To all of Grum's post. Edit: So long as Nyarlathotep is running for Vice-President
  7. How many games do you play?

    Ooooo - you're missing out, there's some excellent games out there
  8. How many games do you play?

    Umm.... it doesn't specify if this is just computer-based games.... Computer Games EL (first ever MMORPG I played) World of Warcraft (birthday present!) Neverwinter Nights Civilisation (all of them, but most recently 3) Warcraft 3 Age of Mythology Spider Solitaire Board Games Settlers of Catan (German game - absolutely fantastic - there are English versions, I encourage everyone to go out & get a copy!! Particularly if you can get your hands on the space version - everyone gets their own spaceship about 15cm high to add guns/go faster strips etc.) Talisman (anyone else remember this, or am I truly showing my age!?!) Mah-jong Trivial Pursuits Pen n Paper RPG's Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed (have played previous editions, but 3.5 is great!) Deadlands Cthulhu (how could I could forget this!!) Card Games Cribbage Whist Munchkin DoomTown Mythos I could carry on.... I have several bookshelves full of different games, but these are some of my favourites. And yeah, games are one of my main ways to relax & escape from reality (in case you hadn't guessed :lol: ) Edit: Remembered a few more!!
  9. My house is gone...

    As has been said, a truly horrid situation for you & your family. Hope you all can get back to normal as soon as possible (or at least, as near to "normal" as can be managed after something like this). Best wishes for you & your family.
  10. St. Patrick's Day

    Think you hit the nail on the head there old boy.... This is a country of inveterate binge-drinkers, which the government is attempting to curb by putting 1p onto a pint of beer and allowing pubs to stay open 24 hours a day. Yay!! That's bound to work.... (Note: The emotions expressed in this post are mostly sarcasm aimed at the UK Government, not at anyone else.)
  11. Age survey!

    Maybe servers will work by age groups or reaction times to give you a fair chance....
  12. How Rich Are You?

    Maker mostly... and fairly broke, I tend to give away my stuff to guild-mates & friends. I never saw getting rich as a major part of this game for me - I'd rather be able to make all my own stuff, even if it does leave you broke from buying leather and thread etc. etc.
  13. Fun Quiz

    UK apparently.... so it's vaguely accurate...... and I do like curry
  14. Main languaje

    You don't speak American, you speak English. I believe someone, and I forget who, said that America & England were 2 countries separated by a common language....
  15. Lord Of The Rings

    roflmao *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*