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  1. very old players

    I still log in and check in from time to time. Been here since day one and when all we did was sit on the starting island and talk to one another Hey anyone that remembers the old days!
  2. very old players

    Stopping in again, I'll find some old screenshots I have on an old external, should have pics from when the players online first went up on the original website. Should have some old school names in there.
  3. very old players

    Been here since the early development of the game, back when all you could do was sit on the docks and talk, no mobs. Still check back now and then. Have some great memories back in the early days of the game.
  4. EL Urban Legends

    Let's be honest, there are some majorly old players around. Some just appear now and then. "The Joker is the only way to get rare items." - I remember being told this once Pretty much how I am, not the gamer I used to be but I still like to check back on the old communities I used to be a part of. Good ol flashbacks Still got a bunch of old screenshots from those days.
  5. EL Urban Legends

    The urban legend of sitting on the docks when there were no npc's or other islands and just chatting lol. I remember when I manufactured a iron sword and it was the first sword made in the game at the time lol, good times.
  6. Are you an EL oldbie?

    Well considering I was around when the game was released and all we did was sit on the dock and talk considering basically all the game was at that point was a more "3d like chat program", I'd say I'm about as old as they come I still drop by occasionally, always keeping up on things, good memories on when skills first came out, my making mad money cause I was the only one able to create iron swords (probably some of the most fun days to date), me bugging ent about getting a high scores up, the list goes on and on
  7. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    Seeing as how I'm trying to be a bit more active on the forums, figured I'd make a topic that pertains to me a bit more than anything nowadays. Is there anyone else that is heavy into either body building or fitness of any sort? I've personally been into bodybuilding for about 2 years now. Got into it after being a small skinny kid, I wanted to make a change. Went from about 120 lbs to now I'm around 190ish-200 with 8%bf (body fat for those that don't know). I love it more than anything, and would die without my universities gym. I'm into personal training and love giving out tips and training programs for people, so if anyone has any questions I'd be more than glad to help you out Just because your a game doesn't mean you can't hit the gym Heres a little dated of a thread with pictures of how I used to look, and how I do now, the finished pictures are around 180lbs, so think of 10lbs more mass on the pictures you see. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.p...ighlight=ehayes And just basic pictures of me (about 6 months old now, I've broadened out much more and my chest and back has grown substantially) I understand if I don't get many responses, though this is a big part of my life, and I figured I'd go out and post about it. No flaming here please. If you don't like seeing body building pictures, pass up this thread, body building is about showing what you've accomplished, that involves not having a shirt on or showing more skin than other real life pictures. This is in no way showing off, I consider myself still very small, and am far from my ultimate goal, so don't come here and start flaming me like I've experienced on other non-bodybuilding forums. This is my interest that I'm sharing with you and seeing if others share the same type or similar interests.
  8. Squats, military press, and various cable exercises.
  9. Java game in the works

    Way to bump a year and half old topic.
  10. Member #1

    Number 5 right here Technically 4 First is the root admin account, then you got ent, swiss, roja, and myself. Those first days were sweet
  11. Desktop Pics!

  12. How old are you?

    The Big 20.
  13. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    Ent is definately the man
  14. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    Ok, well for one, they are obliques, not Oblieks lol. Sparhawk, a lot of what you said is actually wrong, your not being very helpful to Kat by giving her false information. Now Kat if you want some helpful tips for working your core, I'll be glad to help you: Sparhawk, just because the abdominal muscles are long and cover a lot of the body, doesn't mean that the "top", "middle", and "bottom" are worked different ways... lmao. Kat, theres two main muscle groups in your core region, the abdominals (what many people call the 6 or 8 pack, they are the long and slender muscles at the front of the body), the obliques are the muscles located at the side of the body, these help with rotation of the torso and help a lot with core strength. A lot of peoples problems these days is that they neglect the obliques. Defined obliques on a person will look almost like fingers coming around the side of their body. There are many ways to work the core, not just crunches sparhawk. Here's a list of exercises I suggest for you, and that are easy to do while you're even at home. I'll even put in () what part of your core the exercises work. Air bike (abdominals) - This is where you lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Raise your legs so your thighs are perpendicular and your lower legs are just above parallel to the floor. Curl up and bring your left elbow toward your right side while drawing your right knee in to meet it. It is like you are riding a bike. Alternate sides, continuing the motion back and forth. Alternate Heel touches (obliques)- Alternate back on forth, while laying on your back, leaning and touching the back of your heel, try not to move your back off the ground, the more strict you are, the better the results. Side Bend - This is where you can take weights in either both hands, one hand, or even put a bar on your shoulders. Lean to one side, or both sides, depending on how your holding the weight (this is doen while standing btw), this will work your obliques the most, though will give your abdominals quite a workout too) Hip and leg raises (this is not a type of crunch lol). This is where you lie on your back and raise eithier your hips up to your chest, or your legs up in the air (while outstreched). You can even put weights on your ankles to make it more challenging. This will work your whole abdominal region. Crunches - Of course you can do crunches, the proper way is to lie flat on your back, and you can either put your hands across your chest, behind your head, or at your side. Rise up just until your back begins to bend, try to flex your abdominals while doing it, it will concentrate the exercise much more, if you raise to much, you can start doing more damage than good (this being to your back) Theres many more exercises you can do if you have access to a gym, though these are just basic ones that anyone can do at their house. A combination of these and gym workouts has given me rock hard adominals even at weighing over 190 lbs. Also, abs can be worked practically everyday, with their minimal size, they are fast healing and don't need much rest, so work them whenever you feel that you aren't that sore. Anymore questions, feel free to ask.
  15. My new Cell Phone

    Sony Ericsons blow.
  16. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    Didn't see that question, but to answer that, girls with huge muscles actually disgust me. I don't mind fitness competitors, there is a limit for me, but girls with large muscles or too much definition is a turn off to me. Theres a limit between a man and a woman, and some of them tend to cross that.
  17. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    Well for one, scarr, for the 3rd time, quit spamming up my topics, grow up, learn that post count is usless, and get out of my threads, along with you zoin, if your not going to say on topic, don't even bother posting. No wonder the community has gone down hill. Now Ent: I am on a 4 day split, meaning I work out 4 days, off 1 day, 4 days, off 1 day, continuously, splitting it up into muscle groups. Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, Shoulders, Legs. So I really have about 1 day off every week. When your first starting off this isn't as good, doing more full body workouts can actually give newer people better results. Oh and my workouts last anywhere from 1-3 hours.
  18. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    Btw I meant personal pleasure, not person lol.
  19. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    im not into big muscles but if makes you happy and your careful not to get into any kind of streriods to help make you bigger i think its cool,personaly i go for the geek type hmmm shaggy from scooby do has cool body imo http://www.river-phoenix.org/flight/loving/scooby.gif I do it for personal pleasure, not for girls, most guys get into lifting for that reason, and thats the totally wrong motivation and they usually get no where. I have plenty of guys i work out with that are juicing (taking steroids, m1t's, debol, etc) though I'm blessed with good genetics to where I'm staying ahead of some of them without it. I'm not saying I would never use them in my life, but as long as I can get to my 210-220 goal then I have no reason to, I have a vast knowledge of all ranges of supplements, both legal, and illegal, and there are many misconceptions about steriods and their affects, though I don't want to go into that. But no worries, no roids for me for quite a long time from now if ever. Well on a bulking diet, you usually increase your calorie intake by 300-500 a week, depending on person preference and abilities. Keep up with a strict workout routine and split things the way you want. There are many splits out there for all types of people depending on what your striving for too. Eating tons of carbs and protein doesn't always equal a good diet. Are they good carbs or bad carbs. (example: wheat bread over white bread). For mass gain you want to get AT LEAST 1g of protein per pound of body weight you weigh a day. I personally get around 250g to 300g of protein a day, where anywhere from 30-50 percent of that is from supplements (protein shakes, bars, etc). Just some helpful tips, feel free to ask away
  20. Retro Time!

    My pleasure, kinda tired so don't feel like digging through my thousands of unorganized pictures for more right now Forgive me dear jjk
  21. Reps out? Dems in?

    I'm happy with the change, seeing as nothing much has been done during Bush's term in a positive standpoint. So I'm looking forward to what changes happen within the next few years.
  22. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    How's your diet? The gym is only a third of what you need to concentrate on. 1. Eat big 2. Lift big 3. Sleep big All are very important, though most people have a problem with having the correct diet down. That has always given me a problem, being at my age (19) my metabolism is still very fast and I need to eat around 6000+ calories a day to see any type of gain at all (this usually only means 1-2lbs if that a week) You will also depend on what you want to achieve. I personally am looking for more mass, I ultimately want to be around 220-230lbs at around 8% bodyfat, much bigger than a lot of people would ever want to be. So if your looking for muscle, do you want mass? Or do you want to be a bit more tone and just lose bodyfat? Or a bit of both is possible in what is usually called a clean bulk. Where you putt on muscle mass, while maintaining a relatively low body fat. I'd be glad to help guide you on what you can do if you have any questions ent
  23. another game

    Just like every other korean/asian based game. Between this, knight online, rappelz, and who knows what else, it just all becomes the same.
  24. Tattoos and Piercings

    I got my left ear pierced, just a diamond stud.
  25. Retro Time!

    I'll post one just for you jjk, and it also shows the bold green color of how the website was, which sorta stays on topic here. Notice the jjk? Told you I wouldnt disappoint you