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  1. landmines

    No, I think "Fragmentation Underground or Covered Kinetic Explosive Device" is better. Agreed - Even better. lol
  2. WinXP, ATI Radeon 9600 128MB - Crash on load

    [sOLVED] Ok so here was the fix: I installed Vista. I had a copy of Vista Biz laying here that came with my laptop that I have since uninstalled and replaced with Ubuntu. So hey, I had a license and I used it. Right off the bat EL would at least load and then crap out once I was in with just the built in WDM drivers. Downloaded and installed the 32-bit VISTA drivers from Ati ... works like a charm. So - apparently Ati has done something to their latest XP drivers that hoses something in EL. Might want to note that somewhere for future reference. Take care all, Gerrick
  3. landmines

    how bout 'Fragile Underground Kinetic Explosive Device'? Cuz that is what this is. Sorry, but my very best friend - who went to school with my oldest brother - came back from war minus one leg and only part of another due to 'landmines'. If anyone has a right to complain it would be him. He loves playing CoD, Quake, and various other war games, etc. and if you cannot separate a GAME from real life then I don't know what to say. Also, if you want to get serious about it... they are called anti-personnel mines for some time now. So what is the problem? You are being over sensitive about naming conventions. You are taking something from a *game* and intentionally or not - turning it into something personal, and then on top of that making an attempt to create a worldly association out of it. I'm tired of people chanting at games for RL problems. I don't know you personally so perhaps you have RL issues close to home that affects you regarding this, but if that is the case - keep it in RL eh? I hope you have a great day, Gerrick
  4. WinXP, ATI Radeon 9600 128MB - Crash on load

    Went ahead and swapped out the RAM b4 I head out here... same issue. Sorry for the quick repost. Take care all, Ger
  5. WinXP, ATI Radeon 9600 128MB - Crash on load

    Ok, so I went ahead and did it. It's been a while since this computer had it done so I wiped 'er clean. We now have a fresh and clean install of Windows XP Pro SP2. Same darn error in the same spot. :\ C'mon... any ideas at all anyone? I found some old RAM - even though my mem test came out clean I'm going to try it just for s&g... will report back when that's switched out later. Appreciate any ideas in mean time. Thanks, Gerrick
  6. Greetings all, and hello to those from long ago! Sorry to have been away for so long... but we've been relocated about 3 times in the last year and the wife and I finally said enough - packed up and moved back home. So now I'm just building websites and playing games these days Therefore I want to get back to playing THE game I remember so well and am suddenly having problems on my 'new to me' PC here. Details as stated in title and...: WinXP Pro 2GB RAM ATI Radeon 9600 - 128MB AMD 3400 processor (2.2 GHz) Standard cheapy VIA chipset 'Jetway' motherboard - straight from Taiwan baby Using the onboard Audio and LAN Latest EL downloaded yesterday Helpful info: My wife currently has accounts and successfuly plays the following games on this PC and her laptop when we're gaming together... City of Heroes (so do I) WoW Guild Wars (So do I) Everquest Runes of Magic Perfect World Error information: Click on Eternal lands icon - have tried start menu, desktop shortcut, directly from folder, and even trying from command promt for s&g. I get the initial splash screen for EL that shows you the login area. It hangs there for a count of around 5 seconds with less than 1/4" of the blue bar showing. Immediately thereafter I get the infamous This program has caused you serious frustration due to Windows message... and I click the 'Don't Send' button because I'd rather not let M$ in on any other part of my life. What I've tried: Renaming the 'main' folder to 'main2' - have now renamed it back. Tried reloading my ATI drivers. Downloaded latest ATI drivers and installing complete bloated package (Now you realize how much I like you guys right? RIGHT? Seriously... Memory test - came back clean. Disabled every possible startup process. Edited my .ini and tried poor mans, each individual combo of resolutions, disabling, enabling various gfx options, doing the same on my driver settings. Performed ancient chinese ritual and sacrificed my last diet coke to the Gaming Gods while chanting in broken Draconian Oh and yes - I did just yesterday download the latest and greatest from the Germany mirror and install it. I have downloaded it again and reinstalled it just in case. Uninstalled and re-installed also - you know.. just in case. I did my best to read through the forums and try some of the things I've listed here, that I found you guys talking about before I went asking questions because I hate being a pain, but I'd appreciate any further help anyone might be able to suggest. Anything would be appreciated - no matter how trivial you might think it is - it could be the solution you never know. Thanks all for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope to see you all in world soon. Hopefully I'm still there andif not I don't care if I have to start over. Got lots o' fond memories! Take care all, Gerrick EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have not been able to successfully download the sound or music files. They both get to around 30% or so and error out no matter which mirror / file I try. I've tried many times at different times throughout the day yesterday and today. Have tried via IE and Opera both. Just wanted to throw that out there in case it may be either related (some kind of weird timeout maybe??) or in case it is something you guys may need to check.
  7. New engine test, part 2

    That fixed me up no problem. Seems to run fine startup and exit. Vid: nVidia GeForce 8500 GT 512MB - driver ver: 173.14.12 (OpenGL 2.1.2) OS: Ubuntu Intrepid (also Linux Mint (Ubuntu Intrepid based), SuSe SLED 10, Knoppix, and Puppy all seem to work just fine running right off the server.) Proc: AMD Athlon 2GHz RAM: 2GB Getting current FPS of: between 42-44 As stated the lighting is weird. Not sure what you meant, but just in case - - in my instance the lighting was very dim during daytime, and nearly blackout at night aside from the lamp posts. Otherwise works like a charm even when I changed resolutions in the config to 1280x1024. Map switching did indeed work without a hitch here so no worries.
  8. New engine test

    System stats below. Neither binary will startup on my system. I have tried running the linux binary from gui, using sh, and as a straight command with same results below. Vid: nVidia GeForce 8500 GT 512MB - driver ver: 173.14.12 (OpenGL 2.1.2) OS: Ubuntu Intrepid Proc: AMD Athlon 2GHz RAM: 2GB last section of debug log: [engine\source\gpuprogram.cpp:243] ARB st_vertex program shader/extended-material/vertex_lighting.vert parameters: 123 [engine\source\gpuprogram.cpp:246] ARB st_vertex program shader/extended-material/vertex_lighting.vert build ends. [engine\source\filesystem.cpp:42] Loading file 'shader/extended-material/vertex_lighting.frag'. [engine\source\filesystem.cpp:46] Checking archive './data.zip'. [engine\source\filesystem.cpp:50] Loading file 'shader/extended-material/vertex_lighting.frag' in archive './data.zip'. [engine\source\gpuprogram.cpp:183] ARB st_fragment program shader/extended-material/vertex_lighting.frag build starts. [map_viewer\main.cpp:236] invalid bitset<N> position error log: invalid bitset<N> position Side Note: Running the .exe via wine - it exists immediately at: fixme:wgl:X11DRV_wglChoosePixelFormatARB unused pfAttribFList
  9. Bot marketplaces

    This is an interesting argument. I do like the idea of having many options in a set marketplace, but I have to say that I really like having a bot available that makes it so I don't have to trudge all the way across a map just to grab something I need real quick. The few bots that are near the docks I think are tastefully placed and very handy. In a map like NC where there are so many bots already, perhaps just get with the owners and leave a few of them at the quarters, then introduce a marketplace much like the ones in WS and DP for the mass majority that are left? Kind of a hard decision so I really can't vote yes or no. Sure it would be nice to have more bots centrally located, but I can really see where bot owners, and players, would lose out on having the strategic locations if we are talking about moving *all* bots to marketplaces. Take care, Gerrick
  10. Hoarding poll

    Agreed... to this day I'm still just building my character, and the amount of money it takes just to buy certain weapons, cloaks, books, etc... I definitely will "hoard" things like minerals, harvestables, etc. so I can manufacture items and make enough gc to be able to buy all the books, capes, materials I need to keep building my character. Also put back animal items and save what I can for summoning training later... that's about it. Take care, Gerrick
  11. Invasions R Us

    Keep in mind though that what seems like something small (the 5 minute safety upon login idea for example) is actually in most cases, a lot of coding, testing, re-testing, then updating the client. Although I think any number of good suggestions can be kept tally of for future releases like this, we also can't expect the developers to crank out insta fixes. It is really a pain to explain but there is a lot of detail that goes into making even small changes. Shoot, the websites I upkeep are a pain and that's nothing compared to this stuff trust me I think that the overall scenario we've been exploring here could be looked at from a simpler perspective where just a few changes could be made without effecting any existing system components. It appears to me from observation that the invasions can be controlled to a pretty granular order. Where, what kind, how many monsters, levels, etc. - I think just perhaps a little mulling over these details and making a few changes would resolve most of the issues being discussed regarding invasions. That leaves plenty of time for other patches and updates in due process as the developers are moving along and can figure them into their structure. It's been a long time now, but I used to do a lot more than just HTML and PHP and I completely understand where these guys are coming from on this. Take care, Gerrick
  12. Invasions R Us

    Rather than selectively going through and quoting a bunch of individual things, I'll just make a short reply here... If you will re-read my posts carefully you will notice that I am fully aware of channel 6, the ability to use #beam me, etc. I have learned (quickly and by my own experience) that I should leave nearly everything in storage at all times unless I absolutely need it. I have learned to find shelter before I log out in any particular map. Etc Etc The point is: your average new user has no idea of any of these things and is likely to get lambasted in the invasions. My original point was simply: The number of invasions just seemed to be getting out of hand to the point where us low level players weren't able to play the game - we were too busy doing all of those above things you just talked about - mainly running and hiding, then logging off, logging in to see if it's over, no - ok, check back, no - ok, check back, no - ok I'll try tomorrow. None of this is intended as finger pointing - it is solely intended as some constructive criticism on what I think could be a direction for some simple quick fixes for n00bs. Believe me, I understand the hazards of 'life' in game. I've been playing online MMO-type and MMOs since the days of 300 baud modems. Doors or MUDs anyone? Probably why I really like this particular game and want to see it do so well Take care, Gerrick
  13. Invasions R Us

    Ok so I've read over the responses and want to thank everyone for their input so far. I think a day in the life of Gerrick might be useful as an aid for some of these responses however: Consider that many new players would more than likely experience most of the same things as myself. Visit the same places, do many of the same type of things, etc. If nothing else... we definitely all have to start out in c1 and spend a lot of time in WS, DP, and VotD outside of IP that is once we move on from there. 1) As much as I've harvested, looted and been given, never have I gotten enough gc to come near to buying some of the perks and such that make life easier. Just to be able to train in magic, potions, summoning, etc. while I bide my time waiting to be able to go hunting - the money goes away as fast as I can make it. (I can't even imagine what it would be like to have more than 2 or 3k at one time in my possession yet). I hear about and see price tags of 20k, 30k, **200k** and more and it just blows my mind and I think to myself that there must be big payouts later as I level up like in other games I play. 2) Although creatures may not be supposed to spawn on storage areas - the first 2 times I died due to invasions were because I was frantically trying to dump things off into storage (learned the unfortunate hard way the first time losing my stoof ) and then beam or walk away. 1st time I just logged into the middle of it didn't know it was happening, and walked to storage and right into a Black Dragon about 5 paces from storage entrance in DP. Next was just as I finished up in VotD ... a red Chim got me. (they spawned a bit before the warning time should have expired - no biggie it happens I'm sure). 3) If someone broadcasts repeatedly on chan 6 that they have setup WS invasion for n00bs and higher levels to stay out - then it ought to be for true n00bs or specify that it's actually for lvl such and such + ... I went and put on my armor and sword from storage and thought 'yippie! I finally get to go slaughter some of these bastages!!' only to get nailed by 3 Ogres? Orcs? I didn't even see their names long enough to see them other than their red robes, swords and blip I'm in hell having lost more than half of my armours. I am one of a truly select few people that can keep a pretty positive mindset about all of these things and just keep on trucking even if it does make you feel kind of down and out at times. My wife and I always play WoW, Guild Wars, Runes of Magic, etc. together, but she won't play this game because the first couple of times she spent hours working to get money to get a couple of thigns, then got nailed by a garg at night in WS (before either of us knew better) - she couldn't take the loss anymore and I can totally understand that. None of my friends I brought over have stayed either after the last couple of weeks and I think that really sucks because I really like this game. The main complaint is always that it is too easy to die - and that wouldn't be a problem at all if it wasn't for the fact that you eventually end up with nothing that way. I want to contribute to this place, but I don't want to end up being a burden either so I will just keep plugging away the best I can. What I'm trying to get across here is that I know personally that other people are really frustrated with the fact that this game is like the pinnacle of what they've been looking for as far as the magic and crafting systems go, having an open character system that lets you do everything you want, but then it all falls apart just when you get going. Most people just don't have the patience for that and get too attached to their toons to watch their items disappear so quickly. I just think this community would be double or triple the size if there were just a few considerations made for the beginners. These are just my own observations and opinions and are not going to keep me from continuing to play because I want to see what happens, but I honestly want people to consider these things if you are interested in attracting and keeping more new people. I understand wanting to filter out as many idiots as possible, but there comes a time when we need to stop and consider how a few very minor things could make a huge difference. No need to do major recoding or system hacking either. Anyway, sheesh I'm long winded sorry. Hard to portray what I want to say in few words like some people are good at. Take care all, Gerrick
  14. Invasions R Us

    I didn't say I can't do anything. I have spent almost all of my time harvesting, etc. That's why my a/d is only 12/12 and my oa is nearly 30!! I have asked several people with no response so excuse the n00b here, but I'd be more than happy to train anywhere I can anytime that is my level - where or what is gob? It is not in any acronym area of help in the game or on the site I can find. Thank you Gerrick
  15. Invasions R Us

    That is all great information. Information that I currently try to use actually. My point is that the frequency and coverage (the number of maps available to people at my level) of the invasions happening recently are reducing my options more and more to simply - #beam me. You say the invasions are limited to only a few maps at a time, but this is not the case lately. I have not been able to spend a full login in WS, VotD, or DP now for some time. Granted - as I said I am sure much of this is due to my luck of the draw of my login times. But I have tried to vary those times since these have started occurring more often and it seems I can't get around them. I have tried to be studious and read through the help files (tremendous and awesome effort. The encyclopaedia is just an absolute gem!) and online a LOT. Trying to find if there are other maps suited to my level I just am not going to or something, but people haven't answered me otherwise and I haven't found much information online either. I am sure there are plenty of websites but I am not finding that kind of info for the starters. In the end trying to find a place to play the game safely as one wants to play it as you put it - just isn't an option unless you have progressed enough already to ward off a few things. I guess it is a moot point and there is nothing to be done. I just really like this game as it's the first one I've found with all these great options and I'm looking forward to seeing how my character progresses. It is just frustrating not being able to make any progress so often. BUT I'm going to go because it looks like now might be a good time to do some stoof!!! Take care, Gerrick