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  1. 5k Vial Auction

  2. SuperCheapFlowerPowerPackSummerSale

    selling all via pms...
  3. ALL FLOWER PACKS SOLD VIA PM!!! Thanks everyone and sorry to those who missed out All flowers sold in packs, and for gc only. You can refuse certain items if you wish, but it will not affect the price. Please post here or PM me in game (Neverman). Thanks Flower Pack #1--SOLD!!! 507 BlueBerries @[.7]=354.9 924 Daffodils @[.5]=462 915 Dandelions @[.7]=640.5 487 Tulips @[.7]=340.9 131 Mugwort @[.7]=91.7 711 Henbane @[.7]=497.7 6441 BlueLupine @[.4]=2576.4 4437 SwampCandles @[.4]=1774.8 =6738.9 Your Price = 6600gc Flower Pack #2--SOLD!!! 1393 Wheat @[.7]=975.1 534 RedCurrents @[.7]=373.8 1596 WhtChantlle @[.7]=1117.2 945 PoisonIvy @[.7]=661.5 3889 Nightshade @[.7]=2722.3 2141 TigerLilly @[.4]=856.4 =6706.3 Your Price = 6600gc Flower Pack #3--SOLD!!! 2033 Mullein @[.7]=1423.1 8704 Impatiens @[.4]=3481.6 10180 TreeMush @[.2]=2036 961 Valerian @[.7]=672.7 728 Yarrow @[.7]=509.6 1021 Rue @[.7]=714.7 =8837.7 Your Price = 8700gc Flower Pack #4-----SOLD!!! 529 Wormwood @[.7]=370.3 810 Poppies @[.7]=567 1025 OgreToes @[.7]=717.5 68 Cactus @[.2]=13.6 323 BlkRose @[.5]=161.5 1887 YellowRose @[.5]=943.5 3206 WhtAsicLilly @[.4]=1282.4 726 Cotton @[.5]=363 11025 Sunflower @[.4]=4410 =8828.8 Your Price = 8700gc
  4. Auction

    2,000 bid minimum.
  5. Auction

    Auction OVER Auction: 200 Steel Two Edged Swords (s2es) Starting Bid = 180,000gc Bid Increments = 2,000gcea After a period of exactly five days from this post the final bidding stage takes effect. Any bid that remains in this stage unchallenged for 24hrs wins. Bids in gc only. Payment may be made in gc and/or any of the following items: (Quantity/Item/Value) 2 Rostogol Stones 30,000gcea 1 I Can't Dance Removal Stone 10,000gc 1 Titanium Plate Mail 80,000gc 1 Titanium Greaves 38,000gc 1 Steel Cuisses 26,000gc Thanks Good Luck
  6. Vegetal removal stone

    I could be wrong but I think loly meant -If any bet stands for more than 48hrs, it wins. It does say "48 hours after the last bid" not "48 hours from now or this post".
  7. Korrode's Combat Guides

    nice guide
  8. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Hey look...Pearl Jam's back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhXhw_BJ4E4&feature=fvsr (edit) ...but this band's even better...(Muse) oooh this too..(Dead Weather)
  9. UFC

    Lol, Liq did you see the Big-Baby fight?
  10. UFC

    (my) next ufc pay-per-view...JSP & Kimbo (tag-team) vs. Brock Lesnar. Think of the ratings!
  11. America has the most Bad Ass Leaders

    Andrew Jackson was the first president to actually campaign rather than sit at home looking cool. He was known as the president who "killed the banks". See, the US is supposed to print it's own money, according to the Constitution, and when the European bankers started to try and scare the American public into using their money instead of the Greenback, Jackson knew what was going on and put a stop to it. (They won in the long run though...eventually leading to the "Federal Reserve") So uh, in that regard, I think he kicked ass.
  12. UFC

    Hope I didn't spoil it for any lollygaggers, but I don't like the "you gotta knock out the champ to be the champ" mentality. If someone wins, they win, and if that fight went another 5 rounds, the Dragon would have died from internal bleeding.
  13. UFC

    Yo Superman, you still watching UFC? Did you watch Machida fight Shogun, get his ass kicked, then win by unanimous decision? What a joke. And what's up with Jackson putting Kimbo Slice up against a ground fighter before he could get enought time to train for it? Am I crazy, or was that ... crazy?
  14. Shocker is a spawn serper

    No one seems to care about the Ferosses. I work with Feros children who've lost parents in EL. If you could hear their stories and see their faces you'd stop this senseless slaughter.
  15. Some game!

    The mystery continues... So I started trying to make pupils again, and it worked, but only once for Graelz & once for Fryloc. Scratch: FistOfPuplin Yo Mammaaa Graelz: Billy Bollocks MyFistHurts EasyVictory: VictoryMadeEasy Syrwne: Sayrwhat FeetForFists MedvidekPU: FoolishHumans [dooo-dee-doo) http://fistofkonshu.mybrute.com http://satanschef.mybrute.com http://jojobillybob.mybrute.com