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  1. Why only warriors?

    Yea but can we kill monsters with magic? Whats the point of magic robes? All players are warriors!
  2. Why only warriors?

    U dont understand...
  3. I see all players in game are warriors and wearing armor like warriors. But why i cant see mages with mage robes, awsome stuff and mages killing monsters? Cuz magic is very expencive and not enough spells, robes, staff... Thats it! Lets expand that skill/character! i mean something like that: FIREBALL! level 1 spell hit 1 - ....! Next maybe level 5 earth att, strike or smth hit ... - ... and so ...you can atk monsters / animal with mage... ...and when u att monster then monster come and att you not like using range...
  4. Need worker? Look here!

    Ok, whats your name ingame?
  5. Forum idea

    Idea: New forum called "Players Gallery" or something, where players can post their gallery. (Like diary, blog...)
  6. More realistic water

    Yea thats good idea // i think "more realistic water"
  7. Need worker? Look here!

    Added to "WORKING" list
  8. Need worker? Look here!

    Subscribe! Working for players who needs a lot of MINERALS, FLOWERS, ORES, METALS (and thread) Maximum order for me is: Flowers: 20K, MINERALS: 5K, ORES: 5K, METALS: 2K (thread: 3K) ELN; Hellocat Opened: 10:00(am) - 04:00(am) EET (GMT+2) All price offer! To Subscribe: Post reply: Order | Amount | PriceEA | ELN Example: Red roses | 5K | 0,5gc | Hellocat WORKING: Username: skill, amount, item - status Spare: Alching 1500 Fess - DONE Spare: Alching 2200 Fess - DONE Big_duo: Har. 2000 iron - DOING
  9. buying health essences

  10. screenshot_funny6.jpg

  11. Why only Monsters?

    Suggestion of the year! Sure
  12. I made easy EL client updating script for Ubuntu linux users Please read "README.txt" before starting "Updater" Download: You will move it into your Eternal Lands folder and Update the client when u need it
  13. New forum banner! :P

    And here is new forum user, stats, and calen.gif icons user.gif: stats.gif: calen.gif: ------------------------
  14. I made something for forums Cuz look at those old banner, some empty space there
  15. Why only Monsters?

    Yeeeaaah!! Like it, more mages, warriors, rangers and so! And more low level monsters. Im tried to killing wolfs every day! And more armors and weapons cuz armors are really expensive! Like steel plate are expensive and chain inexpensive and so.