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  1. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    Searching People to help me with new ideas of sounds to be alerted. Write there or PM ingame: Fake_Kain
  2. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    And again updated. Add your ideas there so i can continue working on it EL_Kain_sound_pack_test_alpha_3.zip
  3. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    Again updated the links. Actual one: http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/MiltuekV/file.html
  4. The Most Hidden Features

    Wasn't it me who told you that Solar?
  5. Android web page

    Good job, weaverdas
  6. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    Updated the links!
  7. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    2 new sounds: degrade and cooldown from white tiger. Couldn't test so any feedback would be cool just write those messages on local to check it out: Your Titanium Shield has been degraded to Used Titanium Shield and Fake_Kain got cooldowned
  8. Eternal Lands Soundpack by Kain.

    enjoy;) Well, my microphone is relly bad quality and i did all my best to reduce the background sounds and needed to lower the volume The only values affecting my sound pack are:Text alert volume and gain volume +0.1 volume is really low value:)
  9. Soundpack for EL! version alpha by Fake_Kain. There's no better thing to have when afk harvesting with harv med! Sounds made for: Invances Stopped harvesting+ special info if overloaded Funny sounds when you get new level or you diss from someone/something Invasion warning Start sound, when connected to the server. Sound for degradation/destroyed item To be added: Sound for degradation/destroyed item done! Installation: .zip -> Linux/Windows version: Close the EL client Extract and overwrite all the files at the EL directory. (sound_warnings.txt should be in same directory as EL.exe/binary of EL is) Run the client Check if sounds are enabled DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www70.zippyshare.com/v/SS0kbd4R/file.html If something doesn't work: Enable sounds in the client... Restart the client. Reinstall the soundpack when the client is turned off KKTHXBAI Any feedback? PM Fake_Kain EL_Kain_sound_pack_test_alpha_3.zip
  10. Storage Clearance

  11. Sell Steel Plate Mail of Healing

    "same old stuff but with a 3% chance of healing 25 points" This is that nice healing?
  12. Heya, Yesterday i was n00bing on nca Naked with pickaxe and 4 HE, i was harvesting fruits on nca, out of arena i saw Divine, someone i don't know, LL and Lastwish. For dunno why i got will removal stone from these fruits, Divine summoned zoo from stones and atted me. LL and Lastwish helped me get out of arena(killed zoo) and LL killed him. Thanks a lot guys for saving meh:) Greetings, NooBPL
  13. auction

    1021gcs each=)
  14. Noob?:o

    Hi, i "bagspammed" with 7 bags near nca, and got local info that next time i will be locked.But i got locked in next second. Then i logged on my very very old alt account to ask why did mod change his mind in one second and got lock on alt cuz of "Proba unikniecia kary". What's going on?