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  1. ~

    Better later than never.
  2. Ranging fix

    This is difficult, as we used this feature also for help ppl in distress, pulled mob off from the cooldowned fighter/ranger and saved a rosto that way. But maybe it would be good to change it anyway, there would be more benefit than loss, as i would like to see possibility range further some cases.
  3. Both has own advantages. Sometimes single map is very good when you fight alone high target, for example if i solo dragon, i dont want other monsters same time on me, dragon is enough alone, and there is not always team available. Multimaps are good, but single maps give different kind of challence, they are some way harder, some way easier in invasions, and they ask different tactics. if all maps were multi, that would make invasions more boring.
  4. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.5

    You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [258,56] You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [258,55] You can walk inside rock That was nasty when i was pinning dragon on that spot, ranged it down, then wonder where is my bag, thought first someone bagjumped me invis, but soon realized the bag dropped inside rock, saw it there on low camera angle (Sidenote: i am not sure can it use as pin spot if it fixed, that is sad, because no other spots nearby)
  5. I'll miss you all ...

    Get well soon!
  6. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.5

    Can walk inside wooden stand wall: You are in White Stone - You're in White Stone City [204,640]
  7. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    Voted NO, because i feel instances are teamwork, and never had problems with big teams (usually dont want even join small teams) But that is less important, main reason to vote NO was the fact that i dont want to be tied to 6 hours fight. But if they were tuned much smaller, who knows. Anyway i would rather see current instances with more diversity, for example random maps/random mobs on same level, and when team enter they would never know where they dropped -or they can chose whick one they want to pick up. But maybe this is another story and could belong to suggestions instead here.
  8. White screen bug

    Go to: Option>GFX>shadow mapping. Disable it. You may lose shadows, but it's better than lose daylight color (it wont affect nightime, but not sure can you get shadows on night if it's enabled, i never tested, quite forgot this thing and i keep it always disabled) you can also try only shadow option, may work as well, it depends on your computer what it can handle.
  9. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    At least OA would need change higher, maybe Attribs too, but not necessary much as 60. As stated, there is pros and cons. eventually, if that ever happen, radu will raise/make stronger mobs too so it will balanced. And there is some ppl who would buy the new pp immediately which would throw them even more far from newbies which can be demoralizing. But other side, it would draw back some old players who has maxed oa., and not all ppl are pp buyers. voted NO to 60 attribs..but would say YES to raised OA, and maybe also YES to 52 attrib caps
  10. Need team for ice instance

    I could join this, only nasty thing is i am astroslave, but had some perks against it, so it's ok.
  11. Eliminate

    Erm, i am not sure either what Saxum meant with A/D pots, they have not that "can't trade" effect, but physic and coord potions effects to players "might" -crossattribute, and makes person unable to trade. Never noticed other pots effect that way.
  12. Eliminate

    Yes, and that is actually quite annoying when try make quick shares after fight. That thing should really changed.
  13. New Mage Spell Ideas.

    Some notifications from Atalas posting. Most fights aren't PK, and mobs not cast MI, so you can use magic for fight if you want, for example pink dragons it work very well. Also, MI dont last forever. But where i agreed, is ch 6 chat. It's an invasion channel, and normal chat really should be returned to ch 4. it's very, very bad in current way. And What comes in PK, reason why most ppl not PK in EL, is here the fight are way too costly, it not make sense to go fight, and then harvesting 2 weeks to replace stuff, i really would like to PK, and i do it lot on other games, where it not cost insane amount of gold every single fight.
  14. Do you use Kusa silver/iron?

    I used it infrequently, with PV boat, sometimes there is ppl sit both silver and iron, but obviously alts changed things, and many buy HE/EnE from shop instead mix, so less demand for iron/silver harvesting in general.
  15. It's just the lack of signature now. And yes, there is a checkbox on warning window, but removing cross from to box not help at all. Anyway, seems this 1.9.4p1 version is better than original el.exe, and would be nice if radu change it to installer. It's only missing that signature. Thanks for all your hard work.